Syberia Remastered Edition Review

Welcome to the small town of Valadilene in the French Alps. Valadilene is a odd little town, the people living there are even more odd, and what makes this place even more odd is all of the robotic sized dolls every where.


Players play as Kate Walker an American lawyer representing an American toy company taking over the Automaton Toy Factory in the town. Once you arrive in Valadilene, Kate discovers that the owner of the toy factory has just died, making the take-overs of the factory more complicated, as the notary informs Kate that there is an heir, the decease has a younger brother Hans Voralberg who was thought to be dead. Your task is to find Hans and get his approval of the take-over of the toy company, this proves more of a challenge as Kate discovers a deeper mystery on her journey.


When you first start playing the game Syberia, it gives you the impression of a weird and odd lay out of the town and the people living there. The characters are very flat in facial expressions and their voice acting is artificially put on, so you can lose interest quickly. But your interest is rekindled with the many puzzles you have to mentally figure out and complete. Some puzzles require you to find missing parts around the town which can take time to find. It is great that games like this are still made! They really challenge your mind to figure out where to go next, how your must figure the puzzles out as there are no hints or any guilds.


You are limited to where you can go in the town, so there are times that you feel like that you are just running around in circles, which can makes the progress of the game slow. The people in the town offer very little help as they only have a few lines of information, and repeat the same phrase and words over again each time you talk to them, which is not a bad thing as it make you really think of what is the next step to take. Sometimes it can get very frustrating,trying to figure out what the next step is, but all games can not be straight forward, as there will be no challenge to the games and to the game players. The graphics are acceptably rendered, the landscape of the town is well thought out, a lot of detail have gone into the buildings and the animatroinc dolls around the town, each one having their own unique personality which gives the impression of a village from another time era, almost lost in time to the rest of the world.


Controlling Kate is extremely simply and just about all the buttons do the same thing, but her movement is a bit clunky and rigid, it would have been better if time was spent improving the character’s movement as Kate feels like a robot at times and sometimes it is easy to get her caught by corners, tables and objects that block the movement of her. There are only two buttons to memorize, your cell phone and your inventory.


I believe this game has a lot of potential and could have proven to be great had more attention been given on the remastered version, I found that the character’s acting was a bit flat at times but with enough time and patience spent playing, you will be rewarded with a good challenge and engaging puzzles. For those who are into mystery puzzle solving, you may find Syberia right up you ally. For mind challenging puzzles that will push your brain, the secrets of Syberia await.




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