Sleeping Beauty Blu-Ray Review

In a land of mythical creatures and beautiful voices, where fairies give gifts and witches give curses; here you will find a beauty so pure and love to deep that no matter what, she still gets her happy ending.


Disney has once again opened the vault and unleashed the long time classic of ‘Sleeping Beauty’. This is a story about a beautiful baby girl named Princess Aurora, born into a world of riches and glory and an evil jealous witch called Maleficent who curses tiny Aurora. As on her 16th birthday she will prick her finger on the needle of a spinning wheel and fall into a great slumber; but wait – she can be awakened. How, you might ask – well with true love’s kiss of course.


Brave Prince Phillip hold Aurora’s heart though and now he has to defeat all evil and safe his beloved Aurora. Can he get to her in time and will he be able to defeat the evil lurking right outside the door? A magical story of true love and happy ending.


With this impeccable HD quality blu-ray you also get the bonus features of Emily Osment’s “once upon a dream” and the Disney song selection.

So to all you hardcore Disney fans out there, this film should be part of your collection of Disney classics and if it’s not well…… I recommend you go get it.

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