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Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall

Dragonfall is a campaign expansion for Shadowrun. It takes place in the city of Berlin and has new features, characters, environments, weapons, cyberware, enemies, and other enhancements that adds to the whole Shadowrun experience.

I didn’t play the original game but it definitely grabbed my attention as I enjoy turn based games as a whole and adding RPG to it just makes it that much better. I jumped right into the expansion campaign and it felt like I was thrown into the deep end but quickly got into gear and into war!

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You are able to customize your character’s gender and appearance, there are five races to choose from: humans, elves, dwarves, orks, and trolls. You can also choose to play as one of six classes, Street Samurai, Mage, Decker, Shaman, Rigger, or Physical Adept, or you can choose to play as no class at all.

  • Street Samurai focus on combat and weapons
  • Mages use various spells including attack spells, healing spells and others
  • Deckers focus on hacking into computer systems
  • Shamans can summon spirits to aid in battle
  • Riggers control robotic drones that can specialize in combat or healing
  • Physical Adepts use their magic spells to make themselves stronger in various ways

Karma is your “Experience points” which you use to spend on improving your character. While classes control what skills and equipment the character starts with, you can choose to gain any skills you wish. The main statistics are Body, Quickness, Strength, Intelligence, Willpower and Charisma. Besides your main character, you can also hire up to three other runners to aid the character during missions and some characters are required to follow the character during certain missions.

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The game is rich in content, missions and side missions the only downside is that it involves a lot of reading but for some that will not be a downside at all. The graphics are not top notch but still good enough to make the game feel fresh. The whole “Game World” is quite unique and will keep you interested and playing with different classes to see the massive difference.

Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall was very enjoyable and if I could I would really put more time into it. If you are a fan of Turn based RPG games then you have to look at this game.

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