Redemption Movie Review

Redemp_01Cast: Jason Statham(The Transporter, The Italian Job, The Expendables), Agata Buzek(The Supplement), Christian Brassington(Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Mrs Ratcliffe’s Revolution), Vicky Lee McClure(The Body Farm, True Love), Benedict Wong(Moon, Johnny English Reborn, Prometheus), Ger Ryan(Stardust, The Callback Queen), Victoria Bewick(The Iron Lady, 13 Steps Down), Sang Lui(Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life)

Director: Steven Knight(Amazing Grace, Closed Circuit)

Joseph Smith is an ex-special forces veteran that went AWOL after his unit got killed in Afghanistan while on patrol. Beaten and down trodden he now lives as a homeless drunk in the ally ways of London. While he is being chased by thugs looking for drugs, he hides in a penthouse waiting for them to disappear he realize that the owner  is on a extended holiday in the states. And so begins the transformation of Joseph to a vengeful angel for the homeless…..

To be a Bum or not to be a Bum that is the question...
To be a Bum or not to be a Bum that is the question…

Redemption is not your normal Jason Statham movie, it has it’s action moments in it but has a deeper layer to it that I haven’t seen before. The plot line on the movie is nicely thought out, but I feel that there is some sections in the movie that could really be sped up and or even taken out completely. The thriller side was also a bit lacking and didn’t have me on my seats edge as to what I was expecting.

With this key we can open anything! Pandora's box, Fort Knox's...
With this key we can open anything! Pandora’s box, Fort Knox’s…

What I really liked was when he started working for the Chinese Triad, he spent the bare minimum of the money for himself and gave the rest to his wife and his fellow homeless people. The cinematography was beautifully shot and the framing of the scenes was composed really well. Soundtrack wise there is some really haunting and brilliant work done here by Dario Marianelli, and it really fit the mood of the movie. _RIG2767.NEF

Do you have any Razor Blades for me
Do you have any Razor Blades for me

Overall I would say this is a good Saturday night chill movie, and Statham really does play a good vigilante. In my opinion I would say they should have maybe chosen him to play batman. This is your local Mad Scientist signing out…..

And this is my famous arm relaxing technique....First you twist it this way
And this is my famous arm relaxing technique….First you twist it this way

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