Razer Ouroboros

The Ouroboros: with a name like that for a mouse it just sounds complicated but it cannot be further from the truth. Customizable for any hand be it small, large, left handed or right the Ouroboros can be made to fit any gamers unique style and “hand”.



When seeing the Ouroboros it just looks like a monster or the offspring of a fighter jet, in its see through Perspex box raised on a pedestal. Upon plugging it in the lights glow and even enhances the whole look of it, the mouse uses 1 AA rechargeable battery that gets tucked away right inside the mouse.

Customizing the mouse is real easy. The two wing sides pull off and is interchangeable with the normal two sides that you receive in the box. The back of the mouse can be extended to make the mouse longer and the “butt” can be raised or lowered to your liking. It’s great to see that some manufacturers keep in mind that there are gamers out there who prefer to play southpaw (Left Handed) as a lot of mouses that do get released are made to fit right hands only.



Not only does the Ouroboros look “Bad Ass” but it performs like a demon as well. The mouse can be used wirelessly with the receiver plugged into the USB cable, when you are not using the mouse you can rest it on top of the receiver to charge the mouse. The other option is to plug the USB cable straight into the mouse, this way it works just like a corded mouse but will charge the battery at the same time. This way you can have uninterrupted gaming the whole time.



Powered by the 8200 dpi 4G Dual Sensor, the Ouroboros features an ultra-low 1 ms latency wireless play. Although I still feel that when it is used with the cord it does feel even better. Changing the mouse speed is only a button away unless you program the buttons for something else, this is always a great feature to have on a mouse. When two or more people use the same PC or laptop this feature will release some frustration of other people getting used to your speed.

The Ouroboros is a little pricey but once you see what you get and start playing with the mouse it does feel worth it and so far I haven’t worked on another mouse that delivers this kind of comfort, sensitivity and performance. This mouse is in my book on the top of the list for gaming mouses at the moment.

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