rAge Expo Cosplay Contest 2015 | And the winners are…

After months of preparation by Cosplayers and organisers alike, rAge Expo 2015 has come and gone and we were blown away by the highly skilled level of work produced by the cosplay community.

This year the Cosplay Contest was run in partnership between Legion Ink and GES-SA and we had an awesome time organizing the event and preparing for the judging process. We are so impressed with the quality of the cosplayers’ costumes and it is clear  that a lot of thought, efforts and prepwork went into getting the these costumes rAge-ready. We would have loved to reward every single cosplayer for their efforts but unfortunately there can only be so many winners at any competition, so without further ado, here is the list of winners at the rAge Expo Cosplay Contest 2015

Solo –Western Pop

1st place               Steven Shannon (Master) with Toy Soldier (Score 864/Rank 1/50)

2nd place              Kim Bussiahn (Intermediate) with Pearl from Steven Universe (Score 806/Rank 1/50)

3rd place               Fanie Curry (Master) with The Riddler from Batman Begins (Score 752/Rank 5/50)

4th place               Connor Shannon (Youth) with Deadpool (Score 729/Rank 13/50)

Honourable mention to Noor Jamie (Master) with Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit (Score 724/Rank 15/50)

Solo – Gaming

1st place               Kimon Kramvis (Intermediate) with Gnar from League of Legends (Score 863/Rank 2/50)

2nd place              Francis Fick (Intermediate) with Warhammer 40k (Score 860/Rank 3/50)

3rd place               Tayla Barter (Master) with Kayle from League of Legends (Score 822/Rank 4/50)

4th place               Shevaun Chester (Intermediate) with Morgana from League of Legends (Score 792/Rank 6/50)

Honourable mention to Jessica Lu (Intermediate) with New Dawn Ahri (Score 789/Rank 7/50)

Solo – Anime/Manga

1st place               Christopher Swan (Novice) with Brook from One Piece (Score 757/Rank 9/50)

2nd place              Ferdinand Sander (Novice) with Gajeel Redfox from Fairy Tail (Score 729/Rank 12/50)

3rd place               Jurine Erwee (Novice) with Rize Kamishiro from Tokyo Ghoul (Score 727/Rank 14/50)

4th place               Reinhardt Herbst (Novice) with Uchiha Madara from Naruto (Score 711/Rank 21/50)

Honourable mention to Stacey Timms (Intermediate) with Lisbeth from Sword Art Online (Score 680/Rank 28/50)

Youth category

Winner – Ronin Hammergreen with Witch Doctor from Diablo (Score 701/Rank 23/50)

Best Newcomer

Winner – Timothy Rudolph (Novice) with Chewbacca from Star Wars (Score 721/Rank 16/50)

Group category

1st place               Arkham Asylum South Africa (Intermediate/ Western Pop) with DC Comics : Batman Group leader: Shannon Sewell (Score 1068/Rank 1/7)

2nd place              Batman & Femme Fatal (Intermediate/Western Pop) Group leader: Benjamin Da Silva (Score 940/Rank 2/7)

Costume category

1st place               Tayla Barter (Master) with Kayle from League of Legends (Score 1155/Rank 1/30)

2nd place              Francois Fick (Intermediate) with Warhammer 40k (Score 1144/Rank 2/30)

1st Honourable mention to Kimon Kramvis (Intermediate) with Gnar from League of Legends (Score 1133/Rank 4/30)

2nd Honourable mention to Timothy Rudolph (Novice) with Chewbacca from Star Wars  (Score 1131/Rank 4/30)

Skits category

1st place               Connor Shannon (Youth) with Deadpool (Score 839/Rank 1/16)

2nd place              Christopher Griesel (Master) with Takeda Harunobu from Shogun TOTAL WAR 2 (Score 816/Rank 2/16)

3rd place               Noor Jamie (Master) with Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit (Score 799/Rank 3/16)

Ranking is as follows:

Solo – out of 50 contestants

Costume – out of 30 contestants

Groups – out of 7 group contenders

Skits – out of 16 skit contenders

We are looking forward to seeing our South African cosplay community grow and flourish, and we are excited to see what 2016 will hold in store for you guys! Congratulations to our winners, you were awesome!

Please note:

These results were correct at the time of publishing.

All pictures were taken by GES-SA unless stated otherwise.

Thank you to these photographers for letting us use their pictures in our post:

  • Jay Caboz Photo Find them on Facebook here
  • V M Photography Find them on Facebook here

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