PS Vita System

One of the most powerful handheld gaming systems so far, does the Vita deliver up to its Promise?



Look and Feel:

Holding the PS Vita in your hands feels good. It’s sturdy and the design fits well and comfortably, people with larger hands might feel that it’s too small but it’s still larger than most handhelds out on the market today.

The buttons are positioned well as so with the analogue sticks. The screen looks amazing and you can tell that its quality that’s in your hands.



Apps / Menu items:

The initial setup of the Vita is simple and user friendly, after the setup you can visit the Welcome Park. This teaches you to work with all the “gadgets” built into the Vita, for example it will give you numbers that you have to tap in order, it will also do some stuff with the camera and microphone.

The Welcome Park is a good idea from Sony as it introduces people to the Vita’s capabilities and to get used to how it works.

The next App is Near, this wonderful App allows you to see whom around you in your vicinity has a PS Vita, gives you info on what they are playing and you can also get gifts for certain games as well as play games together.

Working together with Near is the Maps, this works on the Google Maps engine so it’s basically the same as what you would find on there.

You also get a content manager that you use to connect your PS Vista to your PC or PS3 system to transfer Music, Videos and files. There are separate menu items for your Music and Videos like on your PS3 system.

The PS Store is also available on the PS Vita which makes it easy to download games, DLC and content.



The performance of the Vita is remarkable and fast. It’s very rare that you have to wait long for a game to load and I haven’t encountered one game that made the system suffer.

The Camera could have been a bit better quality but it’s not too bad for what it is used for.

Augmented Reality:

The Headline feature of the Vita is its AR capabilities. I’ve only had a chance to test this with Reality Fighters and Little Deviant. With both I was really impressed, Reality fighters is a fighting game where you can either select an “AR” stage or a normal in game stage. When you choose to go AR, you can either press the X button when your “stage” is set or you can make use of one of the AR Cards that comes with the Vita. On Little Deviants for instance there is a stage where you are shooting from a ship in a first person view, the background is whatever the camera sees and then creatures will come out of nowhere, these are your targets and you have to physically move around with the Vita to get your targets in your line of fire.



I think the PS Vita is a great handheld system and probably the best that is out at the moment; the price is the only bad thing about it. It’s nice that they have made 3G contract deals where you can get the Vita with the contract but when a handheld’s price is more or the same as a full on game console then you know that the price is way too high. If you have the cash to spend and want the best handheld gaming console out at the moment, there is no reason why you should not go out and get yourself the PS Vita.

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