Promised Land Review

Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting, Dogma, Ocean’s Eleven), John Krasinski (The Office, Jarhead, It’s Complicated), Frances McDormand (Fargo, Madeline, Almost Famous), Rosemarie DeWitt (A Little bit of Heaven, The company Men), Scoot McNairy (Six Feet Under, Bones), Titus Welliver (Deadwood, The Good Wife, Man on a Ledge, Grimm), Terry Kinney (The Firm, The Mentalist, Being Human), Hal Holbrook (The West Wing, The Sopranos, Lincoln)

Gus Van Stan

What would you do if you just got the promotion of a life time, but what if that promotion might cost you your moral values? This is the story of Steve Butler and how he found his moral compass still works…..PL_04

The movie is Hollywood’s look at Fracking. This film to me plays off more as an documentary on what lengths big Natural gas company’s would go to get land for fracking. The locations is typical farmland and nothing very spectacular about it. The soundtrack is done by Danny Elfman, best know for his work on the 1989 Cult classic Tim Burton’s Batman, Army of Darkness and a bunch of other award wining movies. Fun fact: the movie was partly financed by a Media group owned by the United Arab Emirates…A major player in the oil field.PL_03

The movie can get a bit long in the tooth and I could swear that there was one or two chapters in the movie where I was almost asleep or got my attention pulled away. The actors try their very best to get you to relate to the characters but needless to say that did not really happen with me or my wife (might work with somebody else). Promise LandPromised Land

This movie I would suggest really to art house and Chaotic Good Environmentalist’s. This is not even close to Good Will Hunting(also directed by Gus Van Sant and featured Matt Damon), if you thought this is close to that movie then put down the dvd cover and back away slowly make sure no one is watching and run like hell. I have seen better movies from Matt Damon. This is your Local Mad Scientist signing out….

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