Minecraft Backpack Hangers Series 1


Add a little Minecraft to your desk, keyring or backpack with these new Blind Box “Minecraft Hangers”. Each sealed pack comes with one of ten possible Minecraft characters (or items) and you might just get lucky and stumble upon a rare secret one. Pose these 5cm tall plastic characters on your desk with their movable limbs, or hang them from your bag with their attached clip.

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  • These Minecraft Hanger Figure are a must have for all Minecraft fans and these make a great gift for any Viedo Game Collector.
  • Look for all 10 style Randomley inserted: Steve, Skeleton, Creeper, Zombie Pigman, Cow, Zombie, Sheep, Pig, Pickaxe or Sword.
  • Official Minecraft 3″ Toy Action Figure Hanger Blind Package “1 Randome Style”
  • Brand new official Minecraft hanger figures are now here! These figures stand anywhere from 3-4 inches depending in the character. All the characters arms and legs move and are possible. These figures can be used as a keychain, backpack clip, belt clip buddy, collectible figure or you hang them just about anywhere with there cool clip. Made of high quality P.V.C. plastic material.
  • These Minecraft figures hangers are very hard to find and not sold in all retail stores, get yours now while there still available! From the Hit Game Minecraft.