Overwatch Beta Weekend Is Here

Beta Test Weekend Strike Team: it’s time to Re-Deploy! From Friday, April 15 through Sunday, April 17, Blizzard will be hosting their second “invitation-only” Beta Test Weekend! For a limited time (36 hours to be exact), they will be opening up the Overwatch beta test to a much larger number of players in the American, Europe, and Asia gameplay regions for another round of stress testing. The objective of this final test is to help them get their server hardware and technology ready for the final epic release!

I want in!

If you’re selected to participate in this Beta Test Weekend, you’ll see an Install button appear in the Overwatch tab of your Battle.net desktop app! You’ll also receive a Beta Test Weekend invitation sent via email to your registered Blizzard address.

To Quote Blizzard:
To help us get the most out of this testing phase, we will be flagging accounts for the Beta Test Weekend Friday April 15. This process will begin at approximately 00:00 CEST and may take several hours to complete. Once flagged, we encourage all new recruits to download and install the beta client so you can be ready for action once the stress test officially begins. (Article via Blizzard)

Keep an eye on your launcher early Friday morning!

Additional Information

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Release Date: 24 May 2016

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