News & Other: A quick “Hello” from our newest friend

Never before have we seen an era where there’s so many collectors and so many collectibles to splurge on.

What used to be the comic book “counter culture” has become “popular culture”.

Sadly, with the everything rising (except salaries), it’s hard  to choose what to buy and what to skip out on.

Besides with all the comic book movies coming out every so often, there’s always going to be a better release of an item sooner or later.

You know how it goes…

You open your Facebook feed and immediately start to drool at all the eye candy (the products on sale- not the cosplayers you perv!) at “almost affordable” prices. You wonder if you should bite the bullet and fork out some of your hard earned Madiba-Print-Moolas on a few treats for yourself.

I have brown and green notes and dream of orange and blue…

You know what comes next…

You Google every item on offer, get estimated prices and cross reference all available customer reviews. Hell, you read up on the entire history of the subject character on Wikipedia just for good measure.

You find something that strikes your fancy and start preparing for the purchase.

Noooo, you don’t add it to your cart – you need to first compile a series of flow charts, Venn diagrams and even consult with your ancestors through the old Ouija board to work out if you can afford it.

You may have to schedule some surgery to whip out an organ or two to sell on the black market to pay of that pre-order but it will be worth it.

Then you decide – “Screw fate, this is a grail!”

Even worse is the situation where an item is only due out in a year from now and you have to decide if you should pre-order it. If you are anything like me, you probably have at least 10 items due to arrive sooner or later.

Ah yes the trigger word of every collector…

A little way down the road, your package (the figure you bought – this is not that kinda website) is delivered, primed, prepped and ready for inspection.

You gingerly liberate your prize from the shipper box…

The world turns dark  as you realise that you got suckered into buying the equivalent of a glorified pvc/ cold cast porcelain/ vinyl turd lump.

The reviews you relied on in making your purchase decision were a little misleading.

No more.


I’m watching you…

Hi! My name is Zaid “DarthZadybun” Motala, and I am going to help you make better collecting decisions.

I will do all the investigating, inspecting, probing and deconstruction of the sales fluff we see in relation to merchandise out there. As a result, that’s one lest thing you need to worry about.

I’ve been on the collector scene for a while now and some of you may have already come across my work in other mediums.

As always, I will do my best to provide you with a no holds barred, unabashed, unapologetic and unbiased count for count recount of the offerings available to us through in-depth articles, video reviews and live unboxings.

As of right now, you will never have to worry about paying for a “grail” only to get a turd lump in the mail.

In fact, as of right now, all you have to worry about is how to liberate a set of kidneys to get the money to pay for your stuff.

Easy enough right?

Lets do this!

About Zaid Motala

Zaid Motala
Zaid "DarthZadyBun" is an artist, writer, traveler and collector who lives his life by striking off one bucket list item at a time.Powered by chocolate and forever in search of well priced lucks he finances his adventures by dispensing (mostly) legal advice.

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