Naruto Shippuden – Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst Review

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is the game all you anime-hungry game enthusiasts have been waiting for, with an action packed story direct from the anime, it definitely leaves you wanting to watch more.

With 3 editions to choose from things could get a little complex. Let’s take a closer look. With every edition available the extra content is the same. You will get a poster, the game soundtrack, and a DLC Goku costume for Naruto, for those die-hard Dragonball Z fans, and a trading card. Both the “Will of Fire” and “True Despair” come with a 16cm statue. Depending of which edition you get your poster, game cover, trading card and statue may vary. Take a look below.


Even though this is just the standard game version, there is a lot of extra cool content that you don’t generally get when buying just a standard version of most games.


Will of Fire – for those who prefer Naruto.


True Despair – for those who prefer Sasuke.

But now with the launch of Full Burst a new edition joins the ranks. There is the stand alone edition as well as a collector’s edition.


This edition comes with a standard Full Burst edition of the game, both Naruto and Sasuke figures previously only available in the “Will of Fire” and “True Despair” editions. A 190pg full-colour artbook is also included that is an exclusive to only this edition.

Even though this game focuses on the Shippuden story arcs, there are several Naruto stages to remind you how it all started. However, most of this game covers the build up to the Great Ninja War, as well as the war itself.  For those of you who have no idea what Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is about and haven’t seen the anime, I suggest you only pick this game up if you like fighters and are open to a fresh take on one on one combat in a 3D environment.


Overall, looking at the roster I feel slightly overwhelmed by the amount of playable characters. However, there are several characters only available as support characters. Support characters jump in and throw a few punches to help you out in the middle of a fight. Looking at the complete roster there are 60 playable characters excluding DLC’s, all with their unique skill sets and moves. Not much has changed in terms of gameplay. Several aspects of the previous fighting engine have been polished over, making the gameplay flow smoother as well as characters’ responses quicker.

Two new elements are introduced into the story mode are “Ultimate Decision mode” and “Mob Battle mode”. Mob Battle mode is more RPG style where you have one fighter and have to fight several enemies at once while adventuring across the map.


Ultimate Decision Mode allows you to select the conditions of battle as well as the enemies you face. The two choices are either Hero or Legend. For each decision you are awarded points based on the battle for the selected class. The points then add up to unlock items that you are able to equip and use in fights. So, if you keep selecting Hero mode your inventory will have better hero items available and less Legend items.

While some may find this game slightly monotonous, the in-battle quick time events really change the pace of the game as in previous titles.

The graphics in this game are great, the reason I gave this game 8 was that I felt that the game menus and loading screens could have had more appeal and Easter eggs. Throughout the game there are no extraordinary graphic scenes. However, in the in-game fights several characters have flashbacks taken directly from the anime.



This game has an awesome soundtrack! I would place it on par with songs from the anime. If instrumental songs from anime are your thing then I suggest you add this soundtrack to your playlist.

With so many characters and an easy to learn combat system anybody can have fun playing this game, whether it’s online or with a group of friends all taking turns this is a great time killer.

This game was certainly longer than the previous title, with side missions and a story mode where you control more than just Naruto and Sasuke.

 If you haven’t seen the anime and have no clue as to who’s who in the Naruto Ultimate Ninja zoo, then simply selecting random is a fun way to get to know the characters, or you can just scan through the character selection till you see a character that you think is cool. If you have seen the anime… well than you already have you favourites selected don’t you?  Well you’ve read what I have to say. Now check out the trailer!

Now what you will be getting with the Full Burst Edition that the regular edition didn’t come with?

          An all new character to the Ultimate Ninja Universe – Kabuto Sage Mode.

          A new chapter of the Naruto anime and manga is added to the main story, namely True Legend: The Uchiha Brothers.

          An entirely new challenge mode, consisting of 100 new missions as well as 10 unique themes for your console unlocked on the completion of every 10 missions.

          38 Additional costumes taken from the DLC packs.

Take a look at the Full Burst Trailer:

For players who would like the Full Burst edition but don’t want to have two editions of Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 you can simply upgrade your regular edition to full burst by purchasing the DLC content from your respective console market places.

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