Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review

Come in Hunter and come and see what Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has in store for you. Monsters, Palicos, Quests and much more await you…


With the release of the New Nintendo 3DS and XL was a new version release of Monster Hunter 4. They added some improvements to go with the new handheld, for instance moving your camera view with the new right c stick. The Monster Hunter series is a great seller especially in Japan, it is an action RPG and is a bit different form your normal or “western” games in the same genre. You play as a hunter and as the name implies you hunt monsters. There are tons of quests and hunts to go on and will keep you busy for hours. The game takes a bit of getting used to, the tutorial helps but it only takes you so far the rest you have to figure out for yourself. There is a lot to read and in the beginning I didn’t like the game and style that much but the longer I played the better it got.

The visuals look good and with the new super stable 3D it looks even better, the audio and music is not that great but it is sort of expected form Japanese title. It is a very niche market and if you are not into it then you are not into it, but like I said above the style is different but this made it quite enjoyable to me. There is a story in this instalment but it doesn’t really go anywhere or play a big part of the game the focus are the hunts.


The game is all about the hunts, you still gather a lot of stuff to build, upgrade and create items but with this latest instalment they tried to focus the gameplay more on the actual hunts rather than gathering. Preparation is key in this game, take your time and prepare for your quest as any hunt can quickly turn into a battle of epic proportions. The enemies do not have health bars like yourself so you have to pay a bit more attention to them, they will limp when hurt or slobber when tired. Palicoes join you on your quest, when creating your character you also create your main palico, during the game you can get new palicoes which will become sub palicoes you get them by either scouting them in quests, receiving them from friends or download form the store. They assist you in battles, gather supplies and they also carry equipment.



Your palico level up as you take them along in battle unlike your character who doesn’t level up but is more set about the type of weapon/s you use. Weapons and armor can be upgrade by having certain types of resources which will also improve your character, you can also cook meals or have them made which will increase certain stats for a certain period of time. The different kinds of inventories can take a while to get used to and even equipping a weapon or armor can be tricky at first. If you invest in the game and read a bit of FAQs online then you will get the hang of everything but this will not be for everyone as a lot of players do not want to go out and read about how to play a game. As I mentioned above the game does have a small tutorial that is better than its predecessors but still not good enough to teach you everything you need to know.

There are more online mode than before and also a new Guild quest system, the online modes are also more robust but as with the normal gameplay mode take a bit of time, practise or online reading to grasp.

The game is definitely fun to play once you get a hang of it and look beyond the story, I also think that this instalment will bring more new player to the Monster Hunter series than previous ones.

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