Meet Our Geekfest 2016 Cosplay Contest Judging Panel

We’re down to single digits in the countdown to the Geekfest 2016 Cosplay Contest, hosted by yours truly GES-SA and we can literally not be more excited than we already are!! We believe that this is going to be the best Geekfest Cosplay Contest ever, with a total prize pool of R 36,000 for our winners and a contest that has been planned with the best interests of our Cosplayers at heart.

As you would know by now, the Cosplayers will get a one on one session with our judging panel where you will get an opportunity to showcase your costume and your talents and keeping this mind, we’ve gone about selecting our judging panel very carefully. It’s time get to know our judges a little more before the big event so without any further ado let’s get the introductions underway…..

Samantha Marais (Samsecrets)

Sam is a Joburg based Cosplayer she has been featured as one of the GES Cosplayers of the Month in February 2015. Samantha was also part of the judging panel during the Smallville Comics Cosplay Contest in 2015 and she has also regularly entered cosplay competitions so she knows how the judging process feels from a Cosplayer’s point of view. We asked Sam about her passion and history in cosplay as well as her expectation when it comes to the Geekfest 2016 Cosplay Contest:

“I grew up watching a lot of movies, and I love comic books and manga. So it made sense I would study film and now do it as a career. The first time I saw cosplay, I was living in London and I went to the 2007 ‘Star Wars Celebration’ – it was the most magical experience.

I officially started cosplaying in 2013. Í have cosplayed a variety of characters, I now have over 15 cosplays. Through cosplay, I’ve learned so many skills, from sewing my own bodysuits to making armour pieces with Worbla and EVA foam; I’ve even made my own lightsaber!

Speaking as a cosplay contest judge, the whole process of making a cosplay is fun for me and I love to know the details of how a cosplay was made, especially if someone has done something really different and out-of-the-box. I love it when a Cosplayer really embodies a character, and has fun with it. “

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Norrik Aisengard (The Cosplay Cartel)

We were very excited when Noorie agreed to act as one of our judges for Geekfest Cosplay Contest. Not only is he a Cosplayer who regularly attends cosplay events and competitions but he also carries out commissions for other Cosplayers which we think is pretty cool. Noorie also hosted one of the workshops at the CosXP event namely Prop Making (on a budget) and he went home with two awards from the rAge 2015 Cosplay Contest. He shared the following thoughts with us when we asked him about his cosplay and his expectations for the Geekfest 2016 Cosplay Contest:

“My name is Noorie Jamie aka Norrik Aisengard of The Cosplay Cartel and I am a prop maker/Cosplayer. I’ve been building props for 3 years and have been cosplaying for 2 year. At the rAge expo 2015 I won 5th place in the Western pop category and 3rd place in the skit category for my Thorin Oakenshield cosplay. I am predominantly a prop maker but I will be diving deeper into the cosplay world in 2017.

Cosplay has no race, size or age. If you love the character then wear it and have fun.”

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Instagram           @norrik_aise

Twitter                 @norrik_aise06

CosplayAmino    Norrik Aisengard

Michael du Plessis

Michael is representing GES-SA on the judging panel this year. He is an avid gamer and anime lover and he also dabbles in the programming side of things. Michael has also cosplayed in the past with his most recent events being rAge 2015 and the Smallville Comics Cosplay Contest 2015, so he knows what happens behind the cosplay scenes and what the cosplayers go through to get ready for a contest. Michael also sent us a short message to the Cosplayers:

“Hi guys, my name is Michael du Plessis, I’m 21 years old, and lover of all things geek, from Pop Culture to Gaming to Anime, and back. I have cosplayed a few times as well, my most prized cosplay character being Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul.

I look forward to meeting you all and seeing all the amazing work that’s been put into your outfits and characters, no matter the skill level. And there is no need to stress, I don’t bite, nor do I bark. Give it your all, and I can promise it will work greatly in your favor.”

Find Michael on social media:

Twitter           @michaelCyfer

Facebook       Cyfer

Instagram      @michael.cyfer

GES-SA         Michael du Plessis

About Linda Jager

Linda Jager
I’m proudly Geek and have a passion for all things pop-culture. Huge fan of The Walking Dead. Lover of gadgets and technology and although I’m not a gamer (sadly no hand-eye co-ordination) I find myself drawn to the gaming culture and community and how it connects with one of my biggest passions – collecting action figures and statues. I love to watch movies and series and there’s nothing better than having conversations with other people about the things I feel so passionately about. Being an 80’s child I am a huge fan of retro stuff and my Thundercats collection is one of my most prized possessions. That, and my A-Team van. Follow me on Twitter @LindaAtGES

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