Mars One Landing Station

Mars One – Mission in 2018

I know this is a bit off our topics but thought this to be very interesting and wanted t share it.

They are planning on Colonizing Mars, the first mission will commence in 2018. The mission will be to send the construction objects of the facilities to build and then by 2024 they aim to send the first load of people to colonize. Anyone over 18 can register and for the first phase over 200 000 people applied and they have narrowed it down to 1028 people so far, at the end only 26 people will be send and then after 1 year or so they will send more. This in theory is a great idea but there are so many things to think of and things that might go wrong.

Mars One Living Quarters

The first thing to think of is that this is a one way trip so you cannot change your mind once there to come back, the trip will also take you 6 months to reach mars. Other things to consider:
Supplies to come from Earth will also take 6 months to reach you.

  • The Mars Pilgrims have to create their own law & government system. (So one crazy person can go on a killing spree from going nuts ;p)
  • They will be growing their own food but that will mostly consist of fruit & vegetables.
  • Living quarters are 250 square meters and shared with 3 other people.
  • Have to wear a “Space Suit” when you go out the facility.
  • Only single people are allowed to apply

There are many more things to think of and to consider, I mean you will never swim again. (No beaches or pools on Mars) I’m sure with time and if this is successful they will start developing these recreational & entertainment things but will you be able to go without it until then. The Mars One program is funded by the Private Sector, this by itself has its ups and downs. They are also looking to fund this whole project by selling merchandise and creating a “TV Series” of the whole thing which is great but how many people will eventually get bored of the show and then it gets cancelled and you are stuck on Mars.

You can read more about the project at the following links:

What are your thoughts about this and would you consider going?

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