Book of Unwritten Tales 2

LST Episode Four: A Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Review

epending on your age you would be very familiar with a certain "type" of Point-and-Click Puzzler. Giving away my age here, bu I used to play them on DOS way back in the day, when you either could click on the items to…

The Crit

Story - 89%
Graphics - 91%
Audio - 84%
Gameplay - 83%
Replayability - 78%



As if the puzzles aren't challenging enough, you gotta stay sharp to make sure you don't miss the extra references!

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Depending on your age you would be very familiar with a certain “type” of Point-and-Click Puzzler. Giving away my age here, bu I used to play them on DOS way back in the day, when you either could click on the items to interact, type a letter and press enter to command the game to progress a certain way or even type out full instructions like, “Pick up Axe”, “Turn left”, “Walk ten paces”, “Use Axe to chop tree”. Then more modern titles were developed that literally only incorporated clicking around to progress, and now, we sit with a classic title type reborn into a modern marvel.

PC Review

The prequel is vintage 2012, and scored very highly in the market within it’s category. This was motivation enough to develop not only a sequel, but a completely overhauled engine to make the sequel somewhat of a modern fan service. Did they pull it off? Most assuredly, and they pulled it off really well!

Critter, Ivo, Nate and Wilbur are the names of the four main characters you interact with and progress through both titles with, and they interact in such “real” ways, pretty much like how you and I would interact in a social setting. Picking up after the events from the first game, you find yourself in the Kingdom of Aventasia, trying to figure out what is causing unusual transformational chaos to the beasts, creatures and buildings within the kingdom, as well as a very interesting plot directive that more than likely collide further into the title.

This “threat” has been deemed the description of “The Pink Nothing”, and it your mission to unravel the mystery. The graphics are sublime, the interactions are comedic and brilliantly executed, the voice acting is impressive and the mechanics are challenging but good!


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At 38min into the video, I mention a specific sword. What is the name of that sword?

PS4 Review

The title was ported over to console and released for purchase and download on 22 September 2015. The story is exactly the same, the functions and interactions are also a carbon copy, but what impressed me, was how well the porting was executed. Not only are the controls smooth and easy to understand, but the narrator dialogue was also re-recorded!

On PC, the narrator will say “Click her”, “Right Click there” or “Hold in Space Bar”, and now on console, the narrator says “Press X” or “Hold button A”. Good job to King Art on porting, improving and impressing! The graphics and game response time is noticably improved between the PC and Console versions as well.

In summary, I seriously enjoyed playing this title, both on PC and PS4. I had an audience, not only on the Livecast session review for PC, but in the TV Room while playing PS4. A lot of people (family and friends) would often pass through, take a seat and start assisting or just enjoy the story development and puzzle challenges. The graphics are very similar to the prequel, and the user interface is near exact as well, but with improvements, clearly to allow fans of the prequel to feel right at home. Worth the time. Worth your hard earned coin.

Live Stream Thursday Review Video

Here is the video of the Livecast review broadcast on 1 October 2015 on our YouTube channel. Enjoy the gameplay! Drop a comment, like and subscribe!

Additional Information

Reviewed on: PC & PS4
Available on: PC, OSX, Linux, PS4 & XBox One
Genre: Point-and-Click Adventure
Age Rating: PG
Developer: King Art
Publishers: Nordic Games, The Adventure Company
Estimated RRP: R400.00
Release Date: 19 February 2015
Console Release Date: 22 September 2015


  • Hidden Adult Humour
  • Blatant References to TV Series and Loved Games
  • Gripping Story Progression


  • Zero Dislikes as yet!

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