Lohan to reportedly sue Grand Theft Auto V publishers

Rockstar Games have got themselves into a little bit of hot water. TMZ is reporting that the allegedly cash strapped and troubled star Lindsay Lohan has set her lawyers on the publishers. She claims they used her image in Grand Theft Auto V without her permission.

Drug habits aren’t easy to fund so we’re presuming Lohan is going to be demanding some serious moola. Personally we think the game character looks a lot better than the alleged real life muse:


TMZ also reports that another part of the game shows the character at a hotel (keep in mind Lohan holes herself up in a rather famous hotel in Hollywood regularly) and the mission is to photograph her having sex on camera… we’re laughing but apparently Lohan isn’t.

GTA V made more than $1 billion in the first three days of sales. Not bad going. But the Lohan drama isn’t the first created by the game. A couple of months back Hip Hop Star Daz Dillinger claimed in an interview that Rockstar Games had featured his music in GTA V without his permission.

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