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Ever wonder what it must be like to play a wilderness survival game without using a rock to bust down trees to gather the material you need? Or perhaps to be able to explore a bit more instead of sticking down to one location all the time? Presenting, The…

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Story - 54%
Graphics - 72%
Audio - 84%
Gameplay - 93%
Replayability - 84%



Flooded wilderness and survival

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Ever wonder what it must be like to play a wilderness survival game without using a rock to bust down trees to gather the material you need? Or perhaps to be able to explore a bit more instead of sticking down to one location all the time?

Presenting, The Flame in the Flood, developed and published by The Molasses Flood, which has been out on Early Access since 24 September 2015, has seen a lot of positive reviews in the past few months. This game focuses more on “isometric exploration” instead of crafting and setting down a base from the beginning. You play as Scout, and you have a trusty sidekick dog, called Aesop, travelling through a drowned world using a raft, from one spot to another, gathering materials, searching for food, and possibly even other human life.

The other wildlife is pretty deadly, so the player needs to pay attention to when Aesop starts growling, since he is able to sense danger and also detect supplies. The player also needs to pay attention to Scout’s needs, namely hunger, thirst, temperature, and energy. Even the weather affects the player. If unsuccessful with keeping these needs met, Scout will die, and this will be a permanent death, to which a new game will need to be started.

The game features two modes; A Campaign Mode, and Endless Game Mode, where you need to survive in the world for as long as you possibly can, until death. The Campaign Mode has a save function depending on the Game difficulty that you choose, and is still pretty similar to the Endless Game mode, except there is a slight story that has been added with extra cinematics. You can also come across NPC’s like Cocteau, a Gravekeeper of sorts, that you might be able to come across in the Church areas. He will give you info on how to deal with snakes and snake bites. (Have Dandelion tea ready on your raft just in case)

Now I want to amend my comment that I made in the video. After my initial edit and export of the video I continued with my playthrough of the game to gather more info, and eventually discovered how to play the game properly. I should have already from a much earlier point have made a lot of Braided Cords, because these were the key to creating a much needed trap to take out the Boars I way too often came across. (There’s a tip to some of you already). I won’t spoil too much for you, but here’s a hint, keep an eye on the Schematics that you unlock whenever you loot materials. Loot as much materials as you can early on in the game and unlock the Schematics. Use your dog and your raft inventory efficiently and you will have a very pleasant playthrough. I have just been able to take on 4 wolves! Although, I haven’t felt the need to use any Raft upgrades yet, I will explore that in a later Endless playthrough.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I still don’t quite know what the story is behind the game, but playing and surviving and discovering new things kept me well entertained. The soundtrack is amazing, and the art is different. I do feel like revisiting this game at a later point. This has perhaps caused an isometric survival game bug to bite me!

Additional Information

Reviewed on: PC
Available on: Windows, Mac, Xbox One
Genre: Isometric Wilderness Survival
Age Rating: All
Publisher/Developer: The Molasses Flood
Estimated RRP: R219.00 (Special launch price: R197.10 until 2 March)
Official Release Date: 24 February 2016


  • Different spin on a survival game.
  • The soundtrack is well done.
  • Chasing crows with a stick.


  • A few sound bugs every now and then.
  • Unsure about what the story is about.
  • Crows are tattle-tales.

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