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What would happen if the world's population of humans have become too stupid for their own good? Who would take care of us? What would be thought of as entertainment? What kind of names would companies and institutes have? All your questions are answered in... DEATH BY GAME…

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The name says it all!

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What would happen if the world’s population of humans have become too stupid for their own good? Who would take care of us? What would be thought of as entertainment? What kind of names would companies and institutes have? All your questions are answered in…

DEATH BY GAME SHOW! A twitch-action and strategy-based game developed by Oointah, where “reaction and resources are equally important.” The game was inspired by the movie Idiocracy, and contains many nods to pop-culture and has been given extra spice thanks to the developer’s own skewed sense of humour, which is hard to miss throughout the game and adds an element of hilarity, but is not for the faint of heart or easily offended.

The setting is in the 26th century, where it would seem that droids have taken over the world and are “responsible”, for lack of a better word, for human lives. The reason being that humans have devolved and become “utterly and irreversibly stupid”, as the game tells. The droids and robots seem to find this entertaining. But they discovered that there is still someone left on the planet with some form of intelligence left. You play as a lovable collection of organic material named U.H. Wutt, and have been captured and sentenced to Death by Game Show.

In the game you start off with a wheel-of-fortune on the Main Menu, as you click, the wheel spins and then gives you an amount of money which you need to continue to increase as the game progresses. The game starts with 3 Tutorial levels before the real challenge levels come in. The tutorials have been set in a way that is completely true to the game’s story, in that it depicts just how stupid the human race must have become if the robot overlords are surprised that you are able to read instructions. You then get introduced to your companion, the “GameShow Intimidation Masheen of Pwnage”, (Or “G.I.M.P.” for short).

In every level there is a pre-set timer where you need to survive the waves of droids that come after you by spawning droids of your own with your “G.I.M.P.” until your rocket arrives to take you back to the Game Show Studio. You get chances to win an arsenal of weapons or more money with a bonus wheel-of-fortune spinner that appears periodically while you play. You are also able to spawn buildings later that help in your defense, such as a building named “The Scrote Hammer”, and is described as “a set of swinging hammers that crush nuts.”

There are more features such as six whacky power-ups, and a level-editor where you can build your own challenges, create your own texts, and customize skins to create a ridiculously hilarious level of your own. Updates are already scheduled to include more added features, which can only provide more fun and laughs. Just as the game makes nods to pop-culture, I make my nod to it’s charming setting and hilarious comments.

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Additional Information

Reviewed on: PC (Windows)
Available on: PC (Windows, OSX, Linux)
Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Age Rating: Mature
Publisher/Developer: Oointah
Estimated RRP: R159.00
Release Date: 22 January 2016


  • The skewed sense of humour, courtesy of the game developer.
  • A fun new twist on old-school arcade and risk.

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