The Lego Movie Videogame Review

Emmett is just a normal worker, but today will be a special day for him! Today he will become the Special! To think he just wanted to be a normal awesome brick builder. This is another fine game from TT Games, and it has all the right bricks to make for an awesome play. gamingThis game consist of 15 levels that you play through, as you complete a level you can do a free-play version where you would be able to select from the different  characters that you have unlocked. There is a total of 90 characters that are playable in the game and each one has a unique skill that will help you in free-play mode to collect all the plans and bricks(red and gold). Another feature that is nice is that you can change your characters pants, each one with a unique feature to help you in the free-play game.gaming From giving the male characters double jump as the female characters, to having invisible legs. Story wise the game follows more or less the same plot lines as the movie, there is some lego characters that are in the movie that is not in the game. A feature that I would really have liked for them to include in any future lego games is to build anything you can dream of! Graphics wise it has all the shine and polish of lego bricks and at some points you just want to pick it up and play with it, lucky it will not lie around and become foot piercings. gamingThe voice acting of the characters is good, but I was a little disappointed when I found out that the actors from the movie are not reprising there rolls for the game. All that aside this is a wonderful game to play and will keep young and old busy for hours! The only problem that I had with the game is that the mini games sometimes can be a bit challenging as they did not let you know what’s next. gamingThe other small problem is that you will be humming, singing and dreaming the theme song called “Everything is Awesome”. There are also 2 versions of the game, a standard version and then the Collector’s version. The collector’s version includes a physical lego Emmett. Some places even had a pre-order bonus where you could get the Wild west DLC pack. Wild_west_dlc

Overall this game is hard to put down and gives hours of fun and entertainment. I would recommend this game firstly to all lego fans and then to everybody that likes good fun games. This is your local Mad Scientist signing out………Ouch! Damn lego block

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