Lego Marvel Super Heroes Review

Every boy had some kind of Lego collection when they were younger, and some might still have some stacked away somewhere. You could spend hours playing with the blocks and build whatever or wherever your imagination took you.


Lego Marvel Superheroes is the biggest Lego game to date, it features over a 150 characters with a rich and funny story. The story starts off with Silver Surfer flying about in Earth’s air space shortly there after in pursuit by Iron Man and SHIELD. Another aircraft joins in and shoots Silver Surfer’s board into “Blocks”. The cut-scene then moves along to show what happens with the blocks and whom is after them. The majority of the story will have the Heroes pursuing the blocks and at the same time researching them to see why they are that important. With the game having over a 150 characters you will be playing with a lot of them as the story progresses. Introduced in Lego Marvel Super Heroes are the “big-figs”, these are bigger than the normal “Minifigures” and will be seen as Hulk or Abomination.


The gameplay and controls work the same as most Lego games except for the super powers most of the heroes have. Spider-Man can web swing his way across the stages and use his “Spider Sense”, Hulk can change to Bruce Banner and most hilarious of all Mr Fantastic can change into a teapot! WAIT! a what? Yes that was my first reaction when I performed this masterful technique. The only reason I have found why he can do this, is to get the Trophy/Achievement of “This is Fantastic”. There is a load of humorous moments like this where you  just can’t help yourself but pause and have a giggle. You will also see some funny stuff happen at certain times in the background, most  of the ones I’ve seen includes Deadpool.

Really! a Teapot!?!
Really! a Teapot!?!

This game will be best played and enjoyed with friends where you will have countless great memories to share. Apart from the story mode, like with all Lego games, you also get free play where you can roam Manhattan freely and also enter a lot of the buildings. Some of the buildings have special mini story modes to complete. There are massive amounts of things to collect and this game will keep you busy for months on end to collect them all, if you think there was a lot to collect in previous Lego games, think again.

I thoroughly enjoyed Lego Marvel Super Heroes and this is my favourite Lego game yet, others were enjoyable but I lost interest later on where this one will still keep me playing for some time.

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