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Boardgames and party games are hard to find on consoles, they can be great fun to play with friends and they do not always have to be very in-depth to create hours of gameplay. Jackbox Party Pack is such a game, it is simple and yet it will allow…

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Boardgames and party games are hard to find on consoles, they can be great fun to play with friends and they do not always have to be very in-depth to create hours of gameplay. Jackbox Party Pack is such a game, it is simple and yet it will allow you to have hours of fun with friends.

There are five games in the pack and every one offers a unique game that is crazy, wacky and fun! Only 2 of the games can be played on your own so this is definitely made for parties. If you do not have more than 1 or 2 controllers don’t fret, players play with their phone or tablet. You simply browse to jackbox.tv enter the game code and your name and Bob’s your uncle.

Not having to download an app is a great idea but I will still recommend that you allow your friends to connect to your Wi-Fi just because we all know what data costs in SA. So let’s start with what games you get and my opinion of each game:

You don’t know Jack 2015:

Ok so this is a comedic trivia game, and if you think you are good with general knowledge then this game will prove that “You don’t know Jack”. The players get asked some wacky questions and have to choose one of four answers. Each player also gets a screw, to basically screw another player to force them to answer straight away. Different rounds will offer different points and your host Cookie will make you laugh till you drop. There are hundreds of questions and even different episodes to play. People usually do not like to play trivia games with me but with this game everyone can enjoy themselves as the questions are really out there. This game supports 1-4 players.

Fibbage XL:

This is a fibbing game. The host presents a statement where you have to fill in the blank. The aim is for every player to enter a lie and try to trick the other players to choose your answer instead of the correct one. Scores are given for choosing the correct (Truth) answer and you also get some score if someone chooses your “Lie”. This game is hilarious as you trick your friends into choosing your lie and seeing what the truth actually is. There are also tons of questions and every player gets a chance to choose a category for the statement. Fibbage XL supports 2-8 Players


This game tests your creative ability, the gives you a phrase or words that you have to then draw a picture to describe it on your phone or tablet. Sometimes it can be a simple thing to draw like “money” other times it will get very tricky like “a lobster with nunchucks”. When everyone is finished with their pictures the game then takes each picture in turn and have players guess what it is. Then the guesses will be represented to everyone and you have to choose the correct answer. This game can get quite hectic and funny to see people’s drawing skills. It supports 3-8 Players.

Word Spud:

Word Spud presents players with a word, the player whose turn it is then has to add a word or words to match. The other players then vote if they like it or not and so the game goes on. This game sits on the scale a bit as it depends on how fun your group is if it will be a success or disaster. Word Spud supports 2-8 Players.

Lie Swatter:

This is a simple fast paced game of true or lie. The game chooses different catergories then gives the players a statement, players then choose if the statement is true or if it is a lie. The thing that makes this game fun is that the statements are really wacky and weird and the game supports 1-100 players.

So as you can see the Jackbox Party Pack is a fun collection of party games that you can enjoy with friends to have a good time, and you can also make some fun drinking games out of to make even a bigger challenge out if it.

Additional Information

Reviewed on: PS4
Available on: PS4, PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One
Genre: Party, Boardgames
Age Rating: Teen
Publisher/Developer: Jackbox Games
Estimated RRP: R369
Release Date: 2015


  • Great party fun
  • So much Laughs


  • Rounds could’ve changed a bit

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