Is Tom Clancy’s The Division Worth Your Money?

Divided We Fall

This weekend saw the launch of the very highly anticipated Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta!

We played. Played some more. And some! To be brutally honest, a Post-Apocalyptic New York never looked so inviting. The thrill of being the leader of a small insertion team to help restore the safety to the city, raise public moral and rid the Dark Zone of Rogue Agents was exceptionally entertaining, more than we originally predicted.

The graphics are rich, attention to detail is fine tuned, the music score is immersive and the interactivity is ridiculously well developed into this “MMO styled, Cover-to-Cover FPS” for lack of a more accurate descriptive.

Did we get bored?

Certainly not at first, and most definitely not later either!
A Beta is always very short, giving you a glimpse of what the full version potentially will keep you engrossed with, and the Two Mission (Story Mode) Beta offering leaves you so desperately wanting more.

As you complete the Beta Story Missions, you are lead to the “Dark Zone” which is pretty much the PvP sector of The Division allowing you to play against other Agents in a “Free-for-All” contamination zone where the loot is far greater than the PvE Zone has to offer, but getting your loot out is quite a challenge and is an Adrenalin inducing thrill ride, as you can only collect a limited of contaminated items and have them air lifted out of the zone, directly to your base of operations via Zone Extraction. In the Dark Zone, you are pathetically vulnerable, always, and you cannot trust any other Agents if you have a loot container, and if you do, it is at your own peril.

The Base of Operations is what you are mainly focusing on in the PvE Zone, and has three wings to it. Medical, Technological and Military. New York is filled with encounters, side missions and hidden loot boxes, all which contribute toward the expansion and upkeep of your Base of Operations. Loot is instanced, so when playing in a group, your loot is specifically yours, and nobody can ninja your rewards!

Our experience was…

Without giving away too much more, we can say that we played as often as we could, and when servers went down for maintenance, we returned to a more stable build, which was very encouraging. There were obviously a few bugs, which are to be expected, but they were not annoying enough to create a support forum post about. If you are worried about the longevity of this title, don’t be, because once you compete a mission you can replay it at a higher difficulty, granting more xp and stronger rewards.

Should you buy it?

Yes, it is epic, and has a lot to offer!
There are still a bunch of things we want to say about The Division, but we will keep a close eye on the developments, and include these extra notes in our review of the Final Build that hits us on the 8th of March 2016. Take a look below at some of our game footage recorded via PS4, we are good shots, we know..

Additional Information

Reviewed on: PS4
Available on: PC, XBox One, PS4
Genre: Action FPS
Age Rating: Mature | Gore Violence Language
Publisher/Developer: Ubisoft, Red Storm Entertainment
Estimated RRP: R799.00
Release Date: 8 March 2016


  • Graphic attention to detail
  • Solo or Co-Op play style
  • For a Beta, the servers were great!


  • Switching to side arm glitched very often

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