How To Survive A South African Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies, and the “looming” zombie apocalypse, are fast becoming more and more mainstream these days. We only need to look at the success of AMC’s The Walking Dead and CW’s iZombie to see the impact these living dead creatures have made on our pop culture scene in recent years and if you’re anything like me, people have started looking at their surroundings more critically, in the safe-from-a-zombie-invasion point of view. So when I heard that Lee Herrmann has written a book on how to survive a zombie apocalypse, Mzanzi style, I just knew I had to get my hands on it!

THE SOUTH AFRICAN ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE SURVIVAL GUIDE was first launched mid-2015 and the book covers a variety of topics such as ‘What are Zombies?’ and the various weapons you would find handy whilst trying to navigate and survive in South Africa, after it’s been overrun by walkers.

My favourite section of the book was “’n Boer Maak ‘n Plan (Makeshift And Home-Made Weapons”. Here Lee shows us how we can re-purpose anything from sports equipment to frying pans into deadly weapons of Saffer destruction. I never even thought of using old hockey shin pads as guard pieces on your arms, legs etc. How clever is that?? The illustrations was also done by Lee himself and they definitely add to the feel and the charm of this book.

I’d say that the SAZA Survival Guide is a must-have in your zombie book collection and makes a nice companion to Lee’s original zombie novel JOURNAL OF A SOUTH AFRICAN ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. Check our review we did of the first book from SAZA here

Additional Information

Script By: Lee Herrmann
Art By: Lee Herrmann
Cover Art By: Will Taylor
On Sale Date: Mid 2015

RRP R140-00 from your local comic book store


Lee Herrmann was born and raised in South Africa. He has always had a fascination with zombies and has numerous contingency plans for the eventual Apocalypse. Therefore, while he waited, it made sense to write books about surviving zombies in South Africa.
He has a great love of by comic books, movies, television and popular culture, and cites his zombie favourites as 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead and The Walking Dead. He currently works in a near-zombie environment as a Content Manager for a big corporate firm in Johannesburg and has had a varied writing background including copywriting, writing for web, radio and magazines. He is also the author of the mystery title, The Manservant Mysteries (
Lee lives in Pretoria with his wife Dina, and two sons, Max and Nik. Every Saturday night he can be found going to the movies with his best friend Steve-Dave. (via

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