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Homefront: The Revolution Review

It’s 2029 and the invasion is under way on the US Homefront, now it’s time to take up arms and revolt! Start the revolution and take back Philadelphia from the North Koreans. You are Ethan Brady, Rise up! Take the resistance movement and drive them back! That’s the synopsis I…

The Crit

Story - 86%
Graphics - 85%
Audio - 72%
Gameplay - 74%
Replayability - 70%



User Rating: 3.75 ( 1 votes)

It’s 2029 and the invasion is under way on the US Homefront, now it’s time to take up arms and revolt! Start the revolution and take back Philadelphia from the North Koreans. You are Ethan Brady, Rise up! Take the resistance movement and drive them back!

That’s the synopsis I would write for Homefront: The Revolution. It is an open world first person shooter where you have to take over territories for the resistance to drive the movement forward. The game is the sequel to Homefront which told the story of the invasion and took place over a few cities in the US.  The first game was released by THQ which we all know closed its doors, the rights for the franchise was sold to Crytek who then sold it to Koch Media. Finally Deep Silver a subsidiary of Koch Media took the reins and with developers, Dambuster Studios brought us the sequel.

Homefront: The Revolution also changed the gameplay a bit, you have an open world set area where you can decide to only take on the main missions or dive into the side missions as well. The game works like a territorial battle where you have to perform a certain action to take over a small region driving the forces back to the regions they still control. Once you have performed a certain amount of actions in an area, you can start a revolt, causing citizens to rise up and cause havoc for the enemies.

In the game your mobile phone is used to keep track of missions, check out the map, get messages, check journal entries and use the camera to tag enemies or take photos. The game is tough and it cannot be played by just running and gunning but once you get the idea of it, it makes sense and the game becomes much more enjoyable. You have to think with missions, stealth, tactics or chaos which will work best? It is up to you but one will always be easier than the other for different missions.

Instead of having this massive arsenal of weapons to choose from, they have intelligently limited your weapons. For instance you can buy a precision rifle and then you can buy attachments for it and even conversions like a sniper rifle conversion or an “uzi” conversion for your pistol. This adds so much more tactics to your gameplay. You can only carry a pistol and a primary weapon but your conversions to your weapons have their own ammunition and you can convert and modify your weapons on the fly. Apart from your main weapons you can also carry Molotov cocktails, Pipe bombs, distractions and throw able hack devices. Each of these can also have different variations unlocked like a proximity sensor or RC car add on.

Gear can also be bought to improve your inventory, protection and stealth to make Ethan a better soldier. All of these things are bought at vendors or vending machines at operation bases you take over or set locations. There are two currencies you use to buy the items. Cash which you earn by completing missions and selling valuables you pick up in the world and the other being Tech Points you earn by completing certain objectives. In the beginning it is quite difficult to build up your cash flow but once you get the hang of things you will be buying things left, right and centre. Easy ways to earn cash will also become available like taking photos of infantry or objects.

The game looks amazing but it does have a few snags, the gameplay will freeze at times when it saves, especially after visiting a vendor. When driving a motorcycle it is also not as smooth as I would like. Other than this the game is great and a much better improvement from the first game. The Open world setting fits the story.

Instead of having a competitive multiplayer section they have decided to go with a four player co-op mode called resistance mode. The developers have said that this will have an increased difficulty with the likes of Dark Souls. New missions to this mode is set to be released after a month of Homefront: The Revolution’s initial release. This mode’s story is different to that of the Single Player mode and different characters as well, giving you basically two games in one. Two single player DLCs have already been announce for the game as well, which will add new single player missions for you to enjoy.

A great sequel to Homefront, with new features and changing the style of the gameplay is exactly what this franchise needed. It is not perfect yet but a great step in the right direction.

Additional Information

Reviewed on: PS4
Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Genre: Open World First person
Age Rating: Mature
Publisher/Developer: Deep Silver / Dambuster Studios
Estimated RRP: R999
Release Date: 20 May 2016


  • Great Improvements
  • Some great features


  • Minor Gameplay snags

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