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Upfront let me just say that even after a week my mind still wonders back to scenes in the movie with laughter.

The concept behind the movie is a spoof of all the Paranormal Activity movies, so if you not familiar with these movies don’t worry it’s still funny depending on your sense of humour, if you are the type of person who liked the Scary Movie franchise and the type of comedy associated with the acting of Marlon Wayans (Scary Movie, White Chicks etc.), David Koechner (Anchorman 1 and 2), Nick Swardson (Almost in all the Adam Sandler movies) and Cedric the Entertainer (from the movies when he was funny before Madagascar). So if you never enjoyed these comedians …. Seriously avoid this movie.

Its typical guy crude slapstick humour, while your better half rolls their eyes and cringes you will be laughing.

There’s really not much else to say, there was really no need for this movie to be made separately from the Scary Movie Franchise, you could have easily included these scenes in the upcoming Scary Movie which is basically a spoof of all the top horror movies of the last 3 years. The creators probably thought it would be a good idea to make a separate movie just to make fun of Paranormal Activity, after all Paranormal Activity 1 was very popular when it was released and added to the increasing popularity of the handheld camera/ “manufactured realism”/based on made up real events horror genre.

The plot and comedy is straight forward and easy. A typical holiday funny movie that will be enjoyed with the guys.

If you really into the whole spoof movie genre I would say wait for the upcoming Scary Movie, if you can’t wait then watch this in the meantime.

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