GT Sport Beta – Excitement is gearing up

I was so excited to be able to take part in the GT Sport Beta test. GT has always been a flag ship for PlayStation but it needs a great title to still compete against the “other” racing title series of the “other” console brand.

The Beta was only about 16GB to download and the options that you have is to race on 3 different tracks. Everyone receives 3 different cars as gifts to race on these three tracks, which makes it a bit more interesting but can also give some a little unfair advantage.

The game looks incredible and everything gels together, it looks more complete than what we would’ve expected, so it might even get released a little earlier than expected as well.

As expected of any game in the Gran Turismo series, you have a lot of options. Tuning your car to be perfect for the specific race, changing your driver assist options to make you a little better or to assist you with a nasty track that you haven’t yet mastered. All the options you need are there and I expect even more with the full version.

Although I could only race in 3 races and with a limited number of cars the Beta was fun and got me excited for the full version to come out.

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Leon de Bruin
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