The GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition cranks it up a notch

GoPros are pretty damn rad. They’re also so much fun. While I’ve not yet got the hang of producing awesome action features that bang up millions of YouTube hits – I’ve shot enough to make me grin. I’m also keen to get my hands on the new GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition which has just been released.


The sensor’s been upgraded for low-light performance (I really think more musicians need to bang one of these on the end of a guitar during a set) and obviously, with a sensor upgrade you can expect the image quality to be a bit better too. I’m excited that the Hero 3+ is going to offer up slow motion playback and an audio upgrade.

If you’re a big fan of “getting it out there” before anyone else the Hero 3+ also offers up built in Wi-Fi (which is 4 times faster) and supports the GoPro App. So you’ve got the added bonus of remote camera control as well as content preview, playback and sharing.


So let’s recap: faster Wi-Fi speed and enhanced images. But, the Hero 3+ also offers up 30% longer battery life – which is always a bonus. The only downfall? This nifty little GoPro (which is smaller and lighter than its predecessors) is going to set you back roughly R4999.00 – not the best news for mid Jan right?

If you’re feeling a bit miserable now here’s something to improve your mood – some GoPro footage with a distinctly South African flavour.


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