Carla Harris as Supergirl from DC Bombshells - rAge Expo 2016

GES Cosplay 2016 … The Year We Levelled Up

Welcome to 2017 Cosplayers and our other friends! Now that we’ve all settled into the New Year and our new goals, I thought it would be great to have a little review of our 2016 and what we got up to as far as Cosplay is concerned. We featured some of the most amazing Cosplayers in South Africa and we were fortunate to be involved with the organizing and hosting of some of the premier Cosplay events on the SA calendar, so let’s take a little walk down memory lane…..

Cosplay Events and Contests

We had a ton of fun organizing and hosting some of the best cosplay events that took place during 2016. These are some of the events that we hosted and/or participated in last year…

CosXP 2016Awesome Cosplay Workshops At CosXP 27 February 2016

Geekfest 2016Geekfest 2016 Cosplay Contest | Complete Winners List and Meet Our Geekfest 2016 Cosplay Contest Judging Panel

The Mall Gaming/Cosplay Experience 2016The Mall Gaming/Cosplay Experience kicks-off tomorrow and nAv TV GES Cosplay Competition

rAge Expo 2016The GES rAge 2016 Cosplay Contest | The Year The Contest Leveled Up….. and The GES rAge 2016 Cosplay Contest | Complete Winners List

New Feature – Cosplay Portfolios

We also introduced a new feature to our site, which we aptly named ‘Cosplay Portfolios’. The idea with this feature is to focus more on the actual costumes that the Cosplayers produce, and to learn more about the techniques they use whilst crafting. We also thought it would be interesting to see how much time and money goes into these costumes and we were blown away by the dedication of our Cosplayers to their craft. We featured these costumes during 2016….

Cosplay Portfolios | Foxy from Five Nights At Freddy’s from Jinx Wolf

Cosplay Portfolios | Jareth the Goblin King by Annakapat Cosplay

Cosplay Portfolios | Sub-Zero from MKX by ZeroKelvin Cosplay

Cosplay Portfolios | Thorin Oakenshield by Norrik Aisengard

Cosplay Portfolios | Katana by Lynzaykat’s Crazy Adventures

Cosplay Portfolios | Kylo Ren by Sliding Doors Cosplay

Cosplay Portfolios | Batman by Nerd King Cosplay

Cosplay Portfolios | MK Reptile Reborn BY Gate Walker Cosplay

Cosplay Portfolios | Ahsoka Tano by MimzCosplay

We are super excited for what 2017 will have in store for GES Cosplay and we look forward to writing about all the happenings in the Cosplay community!

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Linda Jager
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