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ll soccer fans rejoice as the fan favourite Fifa game franchise returns with Fifa 16. As always EA has brought some new stuff to the table and I for one was excited to see how they will top Fifa 15. There is also…

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All soccer fans rejoice as the fan favourite Fifa game franchise returns with Fifa 16. As always EA has brought some new stuff to the table and I for one was excited to see how they will top Fifa 15. There is also a constant battle going on with the Fifa game series and the other soccer game series. This year they got released a few days from each other and for a lot this tensed things up as the internet was flooded with Fifa 16 vs. “Other Title” articles.

At the end of the day it depends what you would like in a soccer game and your play style. For me Fifa 16 is the better game, there is so much to do and they keep on bringing improvements with every new instalment. So let’s get started: The graphics look as great as ever, I was really impressed on how the crowd looked and reacted. You now have 9 weather options to really create that authentic match environment, referees will even use invisible spray on the field when necessary. New victory celebrations have been added and over 900 crowd chants.

As per usual the game includes EA Trax with some great music for you to listen to while you are browsing the menu, fiddling with settings, in lobbies or in between matches in career mode. Like I stated above the crowd now have over 900 chants that can be used and a lot of them are team specific.

So the game looks and sounds great and so has most of the previous Fifa games but has been done differently in the gameplay. The first thing I would like to mention is the way the player handles the ball, it has never looked better and even controlling the players feels more real, it’s easier to control the ball and player the way you want to and you do not have to learn 60 button combinations to be able to perform great ball skills. Fifa 16 just feels a little more polished in terms of gameplay against its competitor and its predecessor.

In career mode you can play as a player starting your career as a potential star and working your way upwards. In this mode there isn’t a lot of big changes but it feels easier to manage everything like your training, expected goals etc. One new thing is that you can now become a manager when your player retires and then the game basically swaps your career mode to the Manager Career mode. Manager Career mode is the other option you can choose to follow in career mode. Here you manage the whole team, send scouts out to find new potential stars, participate in transfers and what’s new is that you can now train individual players in your team as you would your own player in Player Career mode. This allows you to actually build on a team and let them grow. Training players in both modes also increases the transfer value of that player which can also become very useful. Career Mode is one of my favourite modes and I Love to spend time in it and growing my players to become great stars! Another new feature for Career Mode is that you can now get invited to a Pre-Season cup during the summer months before a season.

All the other modes are still there and do not forget about FUT “Fifa Ultimate Team” this is also a great mode to play especially if you like to mix things up and want to produce the strongest best and most ultimate team in soccer. There are a lot of technical improvements that was made to Fifa 16 and it just makes the game as whole feel more realistic and complete and makes you feel in control.

This is the first Fifa game to include Female teams, 12 National female teams have been included and they can be played in offline and online tournament modes. It’s great to see that female icons are getting included in more games and not just your indie types but in AAA titles where we do need more of them.

Additional Information

Reviewed on: PS4
Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Genre: Sport, Soccer
Age Rating: Everyone
Publisher/Developer: EA Sports / EA Canada
Estimated RRP: +/- R 800
Release Date: 24 September 2015


  • Great Improvements
  • Better Career modes
  • Tons of Fun


  • Need to be online for a lot of features

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