#Escape – The puzzle room to escape

Last night we were invited by The Dark Carnival to experience one of the #Escape rooms, because they will be at GeekFest this Weekend.

Before we got started I had an idea of the concept but didn’t fully grasp the level of what these guys go to, to set up the rooms. At the moment they have two rooms, I will not disclose the themes of the rooms as it will spoil the experience. They are busy installing a 3rd room but this is still in progress.

hashtageescapeSo we were a group of 5 going into our room, they recommend that you do this as a group from 2 – 6 per room. Before going in, we were blindfolded to give us a little bit of disorientation. Once inside a buzzer will go off and your hour starts to escape the room.

Taking the blindfold off in the dark room didn’t reveal much and my first thought was to look for a light switch. After we turned on the lights we were astonished by the environment, we got to work searching for our first clues. If your team struggles a bit or gets stuck don’t fret, the guys watch you via cameras and will send clues via a monitor to help you along.

We got stuck at some points but overall my team performed well, we managed to escape the room with just over 5 minutes to spare and what a great feeling it was. The experience was great and you learn a lot more form your team in that hour than to spend a whole normal day with them.

Be sure to check out #Escape at GeekFest this weekend or if you miss out, you can always check out their website and make a booking. It is especially great for team building events.

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Leon de Bruin
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