Doctor Who Pacman – Review

I love silly games. You know the ones – they’re always entertaining even if you finish them. They also tend to be the ones that require minimum brain power but still keep you busy. So what better than Doctor Who Pacman?

This PC Flash Game is possibly my favourite find on the internet this week. Doctor Pacman is not only a salute to a legendary arcade game but also an ode to one of my favourite television shows – Dr Who. It’s a pretty simple concept, the original Pacman ghosts are replaced by coloured Daleks and instead of the usual fruit you need to gobble up Sonic Screwdrivers which then allow you to attack the Daleks. Easy.


The game is not new so walking you through game play would be pointless. I will warn you that on occasion the game play lags a bit and you may end up being exterminated. Controls are pretty simple, your directional keys on your keyboard are all you need. On the downside there is no pause option, which can be difficult if you’re attempting to sneak in some procrastination time at work (not that I’d EVER do that).The Daleks constant chants of Exterminate are novel in the beginning but will eventually cause you to hit the mute button.

However, hitting the mute button will cause you to miss the brilliance that is the 8 bit Doctor Who theme song.


It’s a simple game: outrun the Daleks, eat all the white dots and enjoy the geekiness of playing as a Pacman that resembles the 11th Doctor – bow tie and floppy brown hair included.

It’s possibly the most fun you’ll have on the internet at work (unless you’ve found a way to cheat the server and download porn) and the best part is – it’s free.

You can play it online here.

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