Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

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The Ultimate Evil Edition of Diablo III is out and finally available on the New-Gen system. A lot has changed since the initial release of Diablo 3 so let’s see what makes this game our “Recommended Title” for this month.

I’m not the biggest fan of re-releases or remastered versions of games but I must say that I was quite eager to give Diablo III a go again, the first time I played it was on my Xbox 360 and my feelings were very mixed. At the same time I must say that my Xbox gave me a lot of problems back then. I haven’t been able to play it again since then. I was really excited to get the Ultimate Evil Edition on PS4.


It was a great surprise to see how much they have fixed in the game, it plays so much better than when it was initially released it is almost like playing Diablo 3 for the first time again. The Ultimate Evil Edition includes the Original game plus the add-on Reaper of Souls. Reaper of Souls is the first expansion for Diablo III. It features the fallen Angel of Wisdom Malthael and is set in the city of Westmarch. It also includes a new character called the Crusader, increases the level cap of characters to level 70. Other changes from the original include major improvements to loot drops including the ability to change item stats using an enchanting system, the ability to change the look of an item using transmogrification, and also an improved Paragon leveling system which is account wide and does not have a level cap. These changes makes a huge difference on the game.

Here are some unique features for the Ultimate Evil Edition:

  • Apprentice Mode: Designed to make it easier for low-level players to adventure with higher-ranked players
  • In-game mail system, including Player Gifts
  • Nemesis Kills: a new system that enables players to avenge their fallen friends remotely and earn special rewards
  • Infernal Pauldrons (pre-order bonus)
  • Runner, Stalker, Clicker, and Bloater enemies from The Last of Us, found within a unique Nephalem Rift (PS3/PS4 only)
  • Guise of the Colossi, a Shadow of the Colossus-themed armor set for transmogrification (PS3/PS4 only)

There is also an option to import your old characters even if you are going cross device (e.g. PC to PS4) It is fairly simple to perform and Blizzard have released very easy to follow instructions on how to do this. I decided to scrap my old character and start fresh, I was not disappointed because of some bonus items received with the Ultimate Evil Edition and from Blizzard I was flying through the first Levels. I also tried out the new Crusader character in a Co-Op game and the character is a great addition to the game.


Graphics & Gameplay

The Gameplay feels a lot smoother than what it did when I first played Diablo III and it felt more complete and how a Diablo game should feel like. The graphics looked outstanding I just wished I could zoom into the battlefield to see all that little animations and effects.


We played some Co-Op as well and did this over the Internet instead of locally to really test and see if we will have any issues. We didn’t have any issues at all, the gameplay was just as smooth as playing locally and even the voice chat worked perfectly. Below you can see a video we put together of our Co-Op session:

Remote Play

Another thing I wanted to test was the ability of the PS Vita to Remote Play from your PS4 system, I connected my PS Vita to my PS4 via my local Wi-Fi and off we went. The game perform as though I was playing it on my PS4 and I only had two minor screen glitches but other than that it was Amazing. Now I can even play Diablo III while my Wife watch TV.


The Ultimate Evil Edition of Diablo III feels like a brand new game to me, yes the story is still the same but the whole experience of it just makes it so much better and I think it helps playing it on a New-Gen console. This game shouldn’t be overlooked because it is a remaster or re-release game as it offer you so much more and if you haven’t played Diablo III yet then this is a perfect time to jump in.

Here are some Screen captures I made from my PS4 System:

I really enjoyed playing Diablo III again and I don't think that I will ever stop playing it now

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