COUGAR 700M Gaming Mouse and the COUGAR Speed Gaming Mouse Pad Review

GES Award
For the last two weeks I had the opportunity to review the COUGAR 700M Gaming mouse and the COUGAR Speed mouse pad, and man oh man what fun I had. Firstly, the Speed mouse pad is really smooth, so smooth that my work mouse (a Mac mouse) feels like a brand new mouse. 20150216_224259My Photoshop retouch time came down by just using the mouse pad. When I first got the COUGAR 700M I was really impressed with the build quality and design of the mouse.Cougar_700M_Spec It is bold and something different, a bit classier than some other mouse brands of similar type and design. I can really see why it won 2014’s IF design award. Installation of the mouse went as smooth as butter and worked as soon as I plugged it in. 20150216_223842After downloading the COUGAR UIX system software I could change the color of the LED’s on the mouse, assign macro combinations and game specific keys to the mouse. I took it for a spin in StarCraft and my response times felt slightly better than with my normal gaming mouse.20150216_223759 I finished the game a bit faster than what I normally would do, by changing the dpi with the on mouse button also helped. The reason why my playing is a bit faster is the ADNS-9800 Laser gaming sensor (8200DPI). A nice feature that I liked of the design of the mouse is the adjustable palm rest, as others feel like they aren’t made for your hand. 20150216_224343The palm rest is also interchangeable with a smaller “sports” mode palm rest; this is a smaller more streamlined version for the more serious FPS type player. Speaking of FPS players the 700M has a nice sniper button that is angled (45 degrees) just right so you can take out the camper taking a potshot at you in Counter-Strike!20150216_223553 Now you would be asking yourself where in SA you can get this awesome mouse and pad, well you are in luck as here is some brick & mortar stores and online stores that carry COUGAR products:

I would recommend this mouse to all FPS players because of the speed and accuracy. If you are a normal gamer that is looking for an upgrade then give the COUGAR 700M a whirl, you will not be disappointed. This is your local Mad Scientist signing out…..

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