Jason Voorhees (Kotobukiya) | Shot by Derek Guthrie Photography Originally shot for Halloween 2015. Revamped and worn to Geekfest 2016

Cosplayer Of The Month May 2016 | Justine Kosuplay

Every now and then I get to feature a Cosplayer that reduces me to a proper fangirl, and Justine Kosuplay is one of those SA Cosplayers. Her Mary Jane cosplay brought one of my favorite comic book covers to life and I was at rAge 2015 when she introduced her Officer Caitlyn cosplay as part of a group with Kinpatsu Cosplay and Giantshev Cosplay. So let’s find out more about this talented lady and her cosplay experiences, shall we?

Hi Justine! Tell us a bit more about the person behind the cosplay persona?        

Well to be honest there isn’t much behind the persona. I’m a very chilled person that tends to stay in my own little world. I am a shy human.

How and when did you get started in Cosplay and why do you enjoy it?

I started up in 2014. May, I think? I was pretty much living under a rock and stumbled upon Kinpatsu Cosplay. I was like “”This thing. I need to do this thing”” and so I started. I had no idea what I was doing. I wore my first cosplay to Rage 2014. I was Thor and it was the most magical day of my life. I love cosplaying because I actually get to be those characters that I love. It makes me braver and more confident then I could ever feel in my muggle skin.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of cosplaying?

Pretty much when I am not at work, I am crafting. I don’t really have much time to do other things, but I do get to read on the odd occasion, which is bliss. I also get to beat my family and boyfriend at MK which is also some sweet bliss.

What was the first Costume you wore for Cosplay and did you make it yourself?

Thor <3 And I did make it myself. I didn’t know what I was doing and I was too useless to ever finish watching a tutorial so most of the stuff was subpar.

What type of genre is your favourite to Cosplay, and why?          

I wouldn’t say any specific genre. I think it’s more of a preference towards strong, brave characters. Or redheads…

Every Cosplayer has a favourite part of creating a costume or something they are really good at, what is yours?           

These days my favourite part is building a breastplate. I’m finally getting the knack of it so I feel like there are some fun times ahead. Whoop.

What is your most difficult challenge in creating a costume?       

Getting armour to stay to my body! Another hurdle I am slowly learning to get over. Oh, and wiggery.

We all know that cosplay has been become a very expensive hobby these days, do you have hints or tips for other cosplayers as far as cutting down expenses etc. are concerned?     

How do I answer this one …mmm … I feel like you can get a better finished look if you do put more money into a cosplay. I learnt this recently after remaking my Princess Bubblegum dress. Looking back at the first one I made, I die inside a little bit. I’ve learnt to rather save up money and take my time on a cosplay, knowing I can spend the extra bucks buying fancy satin as opposed to poly cotton (THERE IS NO SHAME IN USING POLYCOTTON)

Tell us about your most epic fail ever whilst creating a costume 

Everything about my Dark Valkyrie Diana….

Which character do you consider to be your Holy Grail of cosplays?

I love my Armoured Umbreon at the moment because it was the neatest armour set I have ever made ever. I also like Jason because SUPER comfy and also favourite bimbo slayer

What is the one thing that you try and avoid when making a new costume?        

If there is a prop I WILL leave it to last. I hate making props because all that ugly priming and sanding and tears

South Africa’s convention scene has been growing leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. Where do you see opportunities for cosplay to grow at local events?         

Maybe cosplayers start selling prints at events? I think it would also be pretty damn cool if they had panels for cosplayers who could answer questions to anyone looking to get into it, or questions in general.

Costume crafting can be really hard sometimes, right?  Do you have any scars from cosplay related injuries and how did you get them?        

YES! Haha! I was even banned from using sharp objects for a while. I was carving expanding foam and sliced into my finger. I ended up getting 4 stitches because I’m a smart.

Which international con would you really love to go to and why?

Any one of them. Literally any one. I would love to see the magic that is out there

Cosplayer Bio

Real name                          Justine Edwards

Cosplay name                    Justine Kosuplay

Age                                      26

Current home town         Roodekrans

Find Justine Kosuplay on Social Media

Facebook            Justine Kosuplay

Instagram            justinekosuplay

Deviant Art         JustineKosuplay

Cosplayer Roulette

If you had to choose only one – Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars

Who’s your favourite character and why?           

Chewbacca. I like big fluffy things

Marvel or DC?  

Marvel – I can’t believe you made me choose :(

If you could be any of the superheroes, which one would you be and why?       

I don’t really know if she is considered a superhero, but I would pick Angela any day. She is just fierce. Oh and a redhead which is a big plus”

Your weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse – light sabre or sonic screwdriver?

Light sabre

Why is this your weapon of choice?      

I am pretty sure it will slice through a zombie skull like a hot knife through butter

Officer Caitlyn | Shot by Jay Caboz Photo Worn to rAge 2015
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