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We decided that we need to inject some testosterone in our Cosplayer of the Month feature so this month our featured Cosplayer will be from the male-persuasion of the species ;) Thank you to CoRnosplay for taking part in our feature and for sharing his thoughts on his cosplay journey and cosplay in general with us……

Hi there CoRnosplay!! Tell us a bit more about the person/people behind the cosplay persona?

CoRnosplay is the outgoing social side of me, I’m usually kinda shy and like to stay at home and just be crafting all the time. I’m usually terrible at interviews and I’m really bad at giving compliments to myself.

How and when did you get started in Cosplay and why do you enjoy it?

It all started in 2014 by watching Blizzcon cosplay competitions then YouTube stalking the entrants to see if they have any other work. Like most probably most of the cosplayers, I came across Jessica Nigri’s pages and I made a New Year’s resolution at the end of 2014 to finally start cosplaying. I entered the Anime Worx Mini Con cosplay contest in February 2015 and I’ve not stopped since.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of cosplaying? If yes, please tell us more about it

I’m an active gamer – mmmmm maybe a little more than I should be and I’m a competition marksman long distance shooter. Above all else I’m a crafter and love making crafty things.

Wig or no wig – which do you prefer and why?

Generally I avoid wigs but I’ve bought a few because there is just no other way around it. I do however believe that the correct wig can make or break a whole outfit.

What is the one thing that you try and avoid when making a new costume?

Electronics, I’m just a bit nervous for electrocuting myself or getting stuck in a fireball because all highly flammable items I used.

We all know that cosplay has been become a very expensive hobby these days, do you have hints or tips for other cosplayers as far as cutting down expenses etc. are concerned?

Try and get as much out of one cosplay as possible and try to plan for the coming year’s cosplay so that you can start buying supplies some time before you were a costume and stretching out the costs over a longer period to lessen the pinch.

Every Cosplayer has a favourite part of creating a costume or something they are really good at, what is yours?

Sewing, I love sewing – my very first cosplay I asked my mom to teach me to sew. I’ll admit, my first Sith Warrior was terrible but by the time I got to rAge 2015 I blew my own expectations out the water.

Tell us about your most epic fail ever, whilst crafting a cosplay costume

The biggest fail was my first cosplay at AWX mini con in February 2015. By the time I got to see the judges, the whole thing crumbled and I were holding my mask in place with my hands.

Which character do you consider to be your Holy Grail of cosplays?

Nova or Ghost Kerrigan from StarCraft, or even the generic Males – all those pulsating lights massive gun and a full bodysuit with armor pieces. It’s definitively on the top of my Cosplay bucket list.

South Africa’s convention scene has been growing leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. Do you have any tips for the other cosplayers as to how to stay comfortable throughout the day?

Get a Cosplay Buddy!! Somebody you can talk to for ideas or act as a general sounding board, or even to help you get ready for the events, or to travel to craft stores and/or conventions together. In my case I get terrible social anxiety on my way to a Cosplay event, but with a buddy along for the ride it becomes a breeze. In my case I met a great friend Shelby Webber from Maramosa cosplay

Which international con would you really love to go to and why?

I would love to visit Blizzcon and meet some of the great cosplayers and of course say meet Jessica Nigri LOL

Cosplayer Bio   

Real name                          Cornelius Brown

Cosplay name                   CoRnosplay

Age                                        34

Current home town        Centurion

Find CoRnosplay on Social Media

Facebook                            CoRnosplay

Instagram                            @cornosplay

Deviant Art                         Corn55

Cosplayer Roulette

Bleach / Naruto / Sailor Moon / Fullmetal Alchemist – my favorite is……


Why do you like this particular title?

Well it’s just so over the top, there is an ever increase level of power and it’s not as boring as Naruto or as linear/ repetitive like Dragonball            

Movies / TV Series / Books /Comics

My favorite platform to watch or experience my favorite titles is

TV Series            

Complete the sentence: I want to run after him and tell him that……   

……. I’ll cover his back for the upcoming fight.

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