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Our Christmas edition of Cosplayer of the Month is a bit different to what we usually feature. James Draven is very a good friend of the SA Cosplay Community and he is very involved in charity work in Gauteng. Every year he organizes a cosplay outreach to the Teddy Bear Clinic and he performs at several events, including rAge Expo 2016 to raise awareness for the causes he supports. This year he got into the festive cosplay spirit and he donned a Santa suit for our special COTM with a heart edition…

Hiya James! Your Santa Claus cosplay looks like a lot of fun! Please tell us bit more about the suit and how you were inspired to get into it?

I decided to get a Santa Claus suit purely for the happiness it would bring to kids when they see you wearing it out in shopping centres and other public places. This year I had a hired suit but part of our crowd funding initiative is to raise enough money so that we can buy our own suit for next Christmas.

There are Santas everywhere these days, charging kids to sit on their knee and take pics. About four weeks ago I was dressed up going to a local school and when I went into a shop to go buy a Coke a little girl came up to me and asked if she could sit on my knee and tell me what she wants for Christmas. I said sure she may, and I asked her had she been to see me at a shopping mall because they also take photos and she answered no, her parents can’t afford it so it’s now my goal that everyone should be able to tell Santa what they want for Christmas for free.

My ultimate goal is to either buy or make my own proper Santa suit and to build a sleigh that can be pulled by a car and go out spread Christmas cheer in the streets next year

I’m sure you have a Christmas wish list that you can share with us….

To raise enough funds so we can buy an awesome robot suit as well as another Santa suit so I can keep making kids smile. Check out the links below to see how you can make a difference

Using a robot to make kids smile
Robot suit makes kids smile – Fundraising campaign by james dunn

Do you have a special Xmas message for your followers and the readers?

I don’t care what creed you are and I don’t care from which race or religion, Christmas is a holiday of happiness for children everywhere. As Cosplayers and puppeteers, this is the season where we can make children’s dreams come true. One smile from a child is worth a million dollars. Make Christmas about the children again….

Are you on the Naughty or Nice list this year?

Uhm …. Naughty


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