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Jingle Bells and Ho Ho Ho to all you awesome people!!

We’ve finally reached the end of 2015 and that means that we’ve also come to the final Cosplayer Of The Month feature for the year. Our December 2015 COTM is Jeanine Hartog! Jeanine hails from Johannesburg and together with her other half Clint, they cosplay as a couple as Kali Kitty Cosplay.

We had a chat to Jeanine to find out a bit more about her views on the cosplay scene in South Africa, and she also told us more about her cosplay adventures. Enjoy!!

Tell us a bit more about the person behind the cosplay persona?

I’m a crazy cat lady who is married [So break the crazy cat lady lore] to her most epic player no 2, my husband Clint, who is also part of Kali Kitty Cosplay. I’m a creative person and just love to create as soon as I’m inspired. I don’t know how Clint can keep up with me sometimes. I’m also kinda of a Night owl and work best at night and in the cold too.

How and when did you get started in Cosplay and why do you enjoy it?              

I started Cosplaying in 2006 with Clint. I enjoy escaping the norm and creating my favorite characters to life.

Your DC Bombshells Hawkgirl cosplay earned you a couple of awards at the recent Smallville Comics Cosplay Competition. Can you tell us a bit more about how you went about designing and creating this cosplay?

When designing the pattern and ideas for Hawkgirl I compiled a lot of images from the internet of the figurine, other cosplayers’ versions of her and also started to watch Justice League to see her characteristics. When creating a cosplay I like starting on the small items. That way as soon as it’s done I feel more motivated. I started with her helmet which was a kiddies baseball helmet I found in a china mall shop. I added on Craft foam to shape the helmet and covered it in thermoplastic then spray paint black and silver. I added yellow craft foam for the eyes.

Next step was the jump suit which was an onesie pattern [alot of editing to make it fit, which took me a full day. Her jet pack was the ultimate fun part of the outfit. I’m kinda of a hoarder with bottle caps, postal tubes, craft foam and cardboard.

For the decal details on the jet pack, I redrew them in CorelDraw and sent them to a place to get printed into stickers. Though I did add LED lights but didn’t connect them. I do post progress of our cosplays on our Facebook page.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of cosplaying? If yes, please tell us more about it             

I’m a gamer since growing up with my brother playing KKnD, Mortal Kombat and many other games. I love playing Pokemon and use to collect Pokemon TCG too. I enjoy crochet, playing on piano [still learning] and playing puzzle games. Of course co-op games with Clint e.g. Dead Island or Borderlands.

What was the first Costume you wore for Cosplay and did you make it yourself?

It was Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII. I made her coat and arm bands. The rest was closet found. Honestly I don’t like looking back at it as it was so bad. I didn’t even wear a wig cap under the wig and I remember how annoyed I got with the wig. But we all start somewhere. Clint’s was Dante from DMC 3. I had made the holster, Ebony and Ivory from toy BB guns. My friend gave us his Dante Coat that he made and let us use his Rebellion for the day.

Tell us about your most epic fail ever whilst creating a costume              

Throwing my heat gun [just used] onto my couch -_- it has burnt a hole through my Loki top and melt that vinyl onto my favorite Duvet cover but it also explained the random circle burnt mark on my pillow earlier that week.

What type of genre is your favorite to Cosplay, and why?

I like to cosplay mix genre as we do watch anime, play games and read comics but we are mainly a gaming cosplayers. Due to us relating more to it.

Every Cosplayer has a favorite part of creating a costume or something they are really good at, what is yours?

There isn’t really something I’m good at. I just have fun at creating overall.

What is your most difficult challenge in creating a costume?

Our first armor set- Death Stench blade master armor and Rathian Heart bow armor. I truly dived into the deep end there. I never doubted myself and kept on making my patterns and using EVA foam. I still feel between our 2 Monster Hunter Armor sets we have made so far. The first was the best. It had the most love it. Never lose focus on why you are making that cosplay or even why you are wearing it on the day of the event. I’d learn that this year. Though what I detest doing is embroidery and binding.

Which character do you consider to be your Holy Grail of cosplays?

I haven’t found one yet.

South Africa’s convention scene has been growing leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. What improvements do you think can be made to these events, as far as cosplay is concerned?          

Safety rules, also I think areas for sitting/resting [not only for cosplayers but con goers too] or mending areas for cosplayers

Costume crafting can be really hard sometimes, right? Do you have any scars from cosplay related injuries and how did you get them?

Burns have been the most I’ve received so far. At least they do heal but not like Wolverine fast [now that would be awesome

How do you feel in general about Cosplay in South Africa?

The quality of craftsmanship will always improve, we are constantly leveling up. I think we have been very lucky this year in JHB with the amount of events/conventions, we have had. We have attended event in Durban and Port Elizabeth. I feel more will carry on popping up around South Africa as the geeks/gamer/cosplayers keep growing.  Also attending events I feel we should all inspire and encourage others to cosplay.




Cosplay name



Current home town


Jeanine Hartog and Clint Hartog

Kali Kitty (Jeanine) and SquallV3 (Clint)

Jeanine – 30 and Clint – 31

Johannesburg, Gauteng

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Instagram          kali_kisa185

Twitter                @Kali185

CosplayAmino   Kali Kitty Cosplay   Kali Kitty Cosplay and SquallV3                  @Kalikittycosplay

Cosplayer Roulette

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars

Which Star Wars character is your favorite and why?   

R2D2- I have always love him since the first movie. But on that note I did grow up on both thanks to my awesome parents

Marvel or DC?


If you could be any of the superheroes, which one would you be and why?

I always love Storm from X-men since watching on KTV

Your weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse – Sonic Screwdriver or Light sabre?

Light sabre

Why is this your weapon of choice?

Because it make a great night light too (Practical lady, we like that!! Ed.)

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