Thorin at rAge 2015 Photography by Rockin Pix
Thorin at rAge 2015 Photography by Rockin Pix

Cosplay Portfolios | Thorin Oakenshield by Norrik Aisengard

Thorin at rAge 2015 Photography by Rockin Pix
Thorin at rAge 2015 Photography by Rockin Pix



CosplayerNorrik Aisengard
CharacterThorin Oakenshield
Date completed01 October 2015
Hours spent making this cosplay800 hours
Total cost involved in making cosplayR 3,500-00

Info for this costume

This cosplay mean so much to me because it’s my first sewing project and one that I won a prize for.

I can say that it used all of my skill to make this cosplay a reality.

I made this costume because…..

Ever since I saw the Hobbit I was drawn to this character. It was his honor, resolve, loyalty to his people and overall commanding presence. I’ve always loved king like characters and he is by far my one favourite cosplays

Planning process

It was quite a journey in making this costume…from choosing the perfect material to patterning out all the little details. As they say….the devil is in the details. I used thick heavy material for this to make it as authentic as possible. Leather with a scale texture to make it look like dragon skin for his main coat and added a fur trim around it , Suede for his waistcoat, cotton for the tunic to which I added all 223 little hand cut and painted pieces of armor. Cut out and painted craft foam for the bracers and boot coverings. I used dehaam board for the Key to Erabor and glued little plastic crystals together and inserted LEDs for the Arkenstone. I bought and styled a wig and bought a pair of gloves.

Techniques used

  • Patterning
  • Sewing
  • Painting
  • Working with craft foam
  • Electronics (LED’s)
  • Wig styling

The biggest thing I learnt from this costume was the attention to detail and sewing

Did you have to learn any new techniques in order to make this costume?

Sewing and wig styling

Does this cosplay need special make-up to be done?

No make-up needed for this cosplay

At which cons and events did you wear this costume?

I wore this costume at the rAge expo 2015

Did you win any awards for this costume?

Yes….at the 2015 rAge cosplay competition I won 2 awards. 5th place in the Western pop category and 3rd place in the skit category

Any last thoughts on this costume? (Upgrades you would still like to do, alterations etc.)

I would like to redo the fur….to make it puffier and longer. To cast all the little pieces of armor in a lightweight aluminum.


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