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Cosplayer : Lynzaykat’s Crazy Adventures


Katana from Suicide Squad movie

Date completed

(Technically) 23 June 2016

Hours spent making this cosplay

Not really sure? Say about a month, so at most 600 hours or so

Total cost involved in making cosplay

I’m guessing just less than R 1,000

Tell us more about the cosplay costume that we have added to our Cosplay Portfolios?

It’s based on the Katana character from the upcoming DC movie Suicide Squad

Why did you decide to make this costume?

I was asked by a fellow Cosplayer to consider the character two years ago, so when the movie was announced and I was asked by another Cosplayer to do a group cosplay, I was totally game.

Please tell us more about your planning process for this costume

Haha… Planning? What’s that?

The construction process

Okay, so the base outfit was bought. That is now the jacket, pants, boots and gloves. I then bought iron-on vinyl from Cosbox for the details.

I had to check reference images (which was a nightmare, because they were few) and finally figured out what the text on her jacket and pants said, with assistance from friends. After that, I downloaded numerous fonts to my PC to try match the text style and then traced it from my monitor to the vinyl. Carved them out with a sharp hobby knife and ironed them on.

For the shoes, I didn’t like how red they were, so I simply used black shoe polish and rubbed it on until I was happy with the colour.

For the mask, I had a cheap full face mask that I cut and painted. I changed the ribbon to an elastic, and borrowed a friend’s rotary tool to shape the eyes. The line on the mask is just pencil and fine liner, because I’m lazy, but hey whatever works, right?

I made the elbow and knee guards from foam. It’s a 6mm foam that I got from a friend, sprayed with Rustoleum Paint + Primer. The knee guard detail was added with hot glue and coloured in with a cheap marker. The elbow guard was detailed with 1mm foam, acrylic paint and red marker.

Did you have to learn any new techniques in order to make this costume?

I tried out iron-on vinyl for the first time. I had never worked with iron-on vinyl before. If you intend to use it, make sure you have a really sharp hobby knife and a steady hand. Remember you need to reverse your image on the matte side so that it looks right on the shiny side. The first time I tried, I burnt my pants a little, so do use scrap fabric or something to cover it when you iron, and actually PRESS down on it to make sure it adheres.

Does this cosplay need special make-up to be done?

Ooh! I added the scar on her face and another one over her chest, all last minute decisions.

 Is there any specific make-up techniques that were needed for this cosplay?

It was actually pretty simple. A line of lash glue, wait for it to dry completely then use a brown shadow and a pink over it (I used blush), and if you want it to be more prominent, use a brown or pinkish pencil to outline it. You can use loose powder just to set it and make sure it doesn’t fade during the day. And if you want it more wound-like, just add more layers of lash glue before it dries completely to make it more scabby.

At which cons and events did you wear this costume? Did you win any awards for this costume?

I’ve only worn this to ICON 2016 so far, but I definitely will redo some parts and re-wear her. I did not enter her for any of the competitions yet. Perhaps in future.

Any last thoughts on this costume? Any upgrades that you would still like to do or alterations etc.

I need to figure a way to keep the belt from falling and need to sew on the elbow guards nicely. I also want to make the swords more accurate and make a sword guard and wrap the one sword.


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