Ahsoka Tano | Photographer: Leyla Heylen Photography
Ahsoka Tano | Photographer: Leyla Heylen Photography

Cosplay Portfolios | Ahsoka Tano by MimzCosplay

Ahsoka Tano | Photographer: Leyla Heylen Photography


We are expanding our Cosplay Corner with a brand new feature called Cosplay Portfolios. Instead of focusing on a specific Cosplayer and their cosplay journey, this feature will be taking a more in-depth look at costumes made by our local Cosplayers. We’ll look at the cost and time involved in making the costumes, special techniques that were used whilst crafting as well as make-up tips to complement your cosplay.

We hope you enjoy this feature as much as we enjoyed putting it together and we would like to invite all cosplayers to submit their own costumes via our online link 


Cosplayer                                                            MimzCosplay

Character                                                            Ahsoka Tano

Date completed                                                 20 March 2016

Hours spent making this cosplay                    5 Months

Total cost involved in making cosplay           Close to R2500

Info for the costume

This costume was one of those costumes that I dove into, and I was too excited to worry about construction issues. It was the perfect costume for someone like me who likes exploring construction methods.

I made this costume because….

I am a massive Star Wars Rebels fan, and when I saw Ahsoka Tano is back and I saw her new adult design, I knew I would cosplay her. I already loved her in Clone Wars, but was not mad about her juvenile design. Her adult form resonated much more with me.

Planning process

I plan a lot in my head, so by the time I start making the costume I have a starting point. The first thing to tackle was, of course, the headpiece. I had to figure it how to construct the base, the horns, movable tentacles and how to paint all those details accurately.

Techniques used

  • I did armor making out of Blackarts Worbla, EVA foam and craft foam.
  • The painting was straightforward and little priming had to be done since you can paint directly onto black Worbla.
  • For the headpiece I had to carve expanding foam to create the horns, sew tentacles out of batting and sewing spandex coverings for the whole headpiece.
  • I also had to use latex to get that rubbery look, and then hand painted the whole headpiece.
  • I created some quick light saber hilt props out of balsa wood and foam for a shoot.

Did you have to learn any new techniques in order to make this costume?

Yes, mostly about construction and proportion for the headpiece.

Does this cosplay need special make-up to be done?

Yes, I had to use body paint to transform my face into a Togruta, mostly orange and white body paint.

Is there any specific make-up techniques that were needed for this cosplay?

All you need is a steady hand and a symmetrical eye.

At which cons and events did you wear this costume?

I wore Ahsoka to Cape Town Rage and to Fancon 2016

Have you won any awards for this costume?

Yes, I placed 7th in the Fancon Cosplay Competition

Any last thoughts on this costume? (Upgrades you would still like to do, alterations etc)

Ah, I am really happy with it and it is so far my favorite thing I’ve built. Only thing I want to upgrade is to get some proper light sabers that light up (in the works at the moment) and upgrade the shoes.

About Linda Jager

Linda Jager
I’m proudly Geek and have a passion for all things pop-culture. Huge fan of The Walking Dead. Lover of gadgets and technology and although I’m not a gamer (sadly no hand-eye co-ordination) I find myself drawn to the gaming culture and community and how it connects with one of my biggest passions – collecting action figures and statues. I love to watch movies and series and there’s nothing better than having conversations with other people about the things I feel so passionately about. Being an 80’s child I am a huge fan of retro stuff and my Thundercats collection is one of my most prized possessions. That, and my A-Team van. Follow me on Twitter @LindaAtGES

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