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We’ve all heard the saying by now – if you’re having a meal and you didn’t put it on Instagram, did it really happen? Well the same thing applies to cosplay and cosplay pictures – what’s the use of having this amazing costume that you created and you don’t have great pics to go with it, right? And these days, it’s not only enough to snap a quick pic with your phone and be done with it.

Apps and photo editing software has put crazy picture editing skills within the reach of many a cosplayer, and we asked Warren from Nerd King Cosplay to enlighten us on some his favorite apps to do crazy editing on your pictures….

Editing Your Cosplay Pictures By Nerd King Cosplay

“Cosplay has become an extremely fun hobby for many. With its new found popularity, editing photos has become a great tool for any cosplayer. It can give the photo new effects and looks that can help bring the costume and character to life or even transport the cosplayer to another realm, because no matter how good the photographer is it is always difficult to organize a shoot in Asgard or Narnia.  This is a short intro to easy steps and apps to help you with your editing skills, without having to use a PhD.

Let’s start off with a couple of basic photo editing apps. For your basic drawing, your phone’s built in editing app works wonders. I have used it to edit photos such as my Ken Kaneki cosplay, to get the red and black eye effect. It is awesome for people without access to contact lenses, or wanting to draw something on quickly.

This is a very nice way to go at it, but it takes a steady hand and a lot of patience. So if you really want a great app for eye effects, a good suggestion is Magic Eye Color Effect and is also recommended by a few cosplayers.

We have all seen photo’s where a photo has one piece of radiant color with the rest of the photo is black and white. This can be easily done with an app called Color Splash. It makes the entire photo black and white, and then allows the used to draw the color in them. The end result will look good, but if you feel like more color is needed, switch to another app which allows you to adjust the saturation of the photo, then increase it to the desired color intensity you want.

Another app that is suggested by cosplayers is called Beauty Cam. This is an app I have not used before, but it is used for specific cosmetic filters that can smooth the skin and getting rid of any blemishes and dark circles. Along with Beauty Cam, PhotoGrid and Layout is another app I am not familiar with. It is mostly used when cosplayers want to put two or more photos together. This allows the user to choose from a bunch of different grid styles to collage photos together.

We have all wanted to have the green screen effect that allows you to change or alter the background and replace it with a different picture. The perfect app for this is called Eraser. It allows the user to either automatically or manually erase the background or anything else in a photo, and save it. It is important to have a plain background without a lot of detail to make the automatic erasing easier for the app, otherwise you will have to erase every detail individually. Another cool feature is that the background does not have to be green, it can be any color, and the app will erase the background you target. Otherwise you can take things in your own hands and erase it manually, either way produces results. This is an example of a photo of my Spider-man cosplay where the background was erased using the app.

Now for inputting the specific background you want for your photo. The app I most often use is called PicsArt. It allows you to load any picture, and then add the cosplay picture you had just erased.

The reason this is the best app for me is because of the vast amounts of filters it has, the database of clip art images to pick from with the choice of downloading more, it can add stickers, it has a big number of grids to choose from in different dimensions, it also acts like an Eraser app (but it is only manual, not automatic),  you can rotate and flip the photo, make adjustments such as contrast and saturation etc., insert different borders and masks, add texts in different fonts and sizes, you can draw on the photo, and add lens flares, adjust different types of blur and a lot more. The application of this app is limitless, if you put some thought and effort you can do just about anything with it. This is a great tool for cosplayers as many like to add a power-like effect on their photos.

These are just a few basic aps that can be extremely useful. Each app has a different functioning. But it can have limitless possibilities if these apps were used together in different ways. It depends on what you want done on your photo. So if you want to change a photo of you in front of your bedroom wall to you standing in Hogwarts with heat vision, these apps should allow you to do the impossible. And the best thing about them is that they are extremely easy to use, so have fun and make it your own.”

There you have it folks, awesome advice from someone who’s having a lot of fun making their cosplay pictures awesome. We hope that you have found some benefits out of Nerd King Cosplay’s tips and that you can use these to make your own pictures better and breath taking. Let us know if you end up using some of these apps and tips, we would love to see your own edits and pictures….

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