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LST Episode One: Trine 3 Review

Trine 3

agic. Mystery. Maniacal Mayhem! Just a few words to describe the intense fun that awaits within the world of Trine for fans of the Indie Platformer Genre, which transformed from a graphically intense side scroller (both predecessors) and mutated into a magnificently submersive 3D puzzle platformer. Trine 3: The… LST ...

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Airscape: The Fall of Gravity “Lets Play” Review

ntroducing our very first (of many) "Let's Play" or "Let's show you" video reviews. The epic subject matter is an awesomely squishy little title called Airscape. This title goes beyond the scope of a regular platformer, and not only puts your orientation to… Airscape: The Fall of Gravity “Lets Play” ...

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