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Cosplayer of the Month | June 2013 Baka Sakura

For June we have the famous Baka Sakura as our Cosplayer for the month. Profile: Baka Sakura Age: 25 Location: Cape Town, South Africa Facebook Page: Website/s:   Shay: When did you start cosplaying? What inspired you to start? A: I started cosplaying seriously around 2-3 years ago. I can’t say I started long ago ...

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Cosplayer of the Month | May 2013 Resonance Cosplay

This month we have not one CotM but TWO, Saiyuki & Nakashi. Otherwise known as Resonance Cosplay! Profile: Resonance Cosplay Members: Saiyuki Kashuri & Nakashi Oroshu Age: both 17 Location: Port Elizabeth Facebook Page: Saiyuki | Nakashi Website/s: Facebook Group World Cosplay – Saiyuki World Cosplay – Nakashi Deviantart – Saiyuki Deviantart – Nakashi   Shay: When did ...

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Cosplayer of the Month | April 2013 Elza Grobler

Our CotM Loves Anime, maybe you will know her. GES proudly presents…     Profile: Elza Grobler Age: – Location: Cape Town Facebook Page: Website:   Shay: When did you start cosplaying? What got you into cosplay? A: I started cosplaying in 2008. Otaku Magazine did a road trip event in Cape Town and I, ...

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Cosplayer of the Month | March 2013 Miguel Lima

Our first Male CotM, He had a great presence at rAge 2012 and I’m sure anyone who was there saw him in Character. GES proudly presents… Profile: Miguel Lima Age: 32 Location: Johannesburg Facebook Page: – Website: | TheNasd: Background: When did you start cosplaying? What was your first costume? A: I started around 2006; don’t really ...

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Cosplayer of the Month | February 2013 Yamaki Chiya

We have a special interview for you this month, she has been interviewed by international websites and she is very involved in building up the SA Cosplay community. GES proudly presents… Profile: Yamaki Chiya Age: 20 Location: Cape Town Facebook Page: yamaki.cosplay Website: | TheNasd: Background: when you first started cosplay? Inspiration? First Cosplay appearance at ...

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