Jean Black Ops 3 Event

Call of Duty BlackOps III Launch Event – Shocking!

Shocked with 5000 Volts!

On Friday afternoon, I started out on an adventure, an adventure that was set to blow me away! Megarom Interactive was hosting a launch event for the “shelf fresh” and widely anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops III. This was yet again, not to be classified as a “regular” press event, but kept the standard seriously high. We all gathered at the BlackOps Advanced Tactical Laser Tag facility in Randburg.

Not quite sure what to expect, I walked in, was welcomed and felt like I was part of a legitimate squad about to hit the front-lines! The event had a single goal, quoting Graeme Selvan from Megarom, “To mesh the experience of the game, with real life combat”. Did he achieve his goal?

Get kitted up, attend briefing and head out soldiers!

We were very quickly placed into teams of 5, from where we decided on a team name, got kitted up into the vests, stress belts, bandanna’s and a rifle of our choice! My team was called “The Blue Team” and consisted of some epic human beings! Adriaan, Anthea Hercules, Charles Hercules, Johnny and I set out with very high morale and a single mission…to take out the enemy!

We played a Team Deathmatch round in the field against the Megarom Interactive team, as well as a Domination round against another team to rack up our scores. After that was done we headed upstairs to the LAN area and played two Team Deathmatch rounds on PS4 with the new Call of Duty: BlackOps III title. Our scores were tallied up and we were ranked!

Two important questions!

Did Megarom Interactive and Graeme Selvan achieve the goal of changing our mindset dynamics? Did the Blue Team win, loose or hold their own? Watch the vlog below to find out!

Thank you Megarom Interactive and Graeme Selvan for inviting us to attend, for hosting such an excellent event. Well played. GG!

Photographs from the epic event

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