Battleborn Beta Overview

The time has come! Assorted hero badasses assemble! You were born for this! The universe needs you to save the last star, Solus, from destruction at the hands of an evil entity whose best friend seems to be his right arm *cough* I mean, blood… So load up, pants up, and put the cheerios down. You are Battleborn!

Battleborn is an upcoming Online Multiplayer FPS developed by Gearbox Software and 2K Games for Windows, PS4 and XBox One. Yes, the creators of Borderlands are back, with a Battle-Arena styled game in a space fantasy setting, that will be featuring a Story Mode, which can be played solo or cooperatively (with up to 5 players instead of 4), as well as an Arena Mode, where you play 5v5 matches alongside and against other players.

There are up to 25 playable Heroes with unique abilities and also an ultimate ability. The characters have their own respective roles, such as Tank, DPS, Support, Healer, etc. but with different names, such as “Rogue”, “Sniper”, “Initiator”, etc. to hint at how to play the character.

What’s more… The Open Beta Weekend is here from 13 April to 18 April. Below I will be showcasing an Bot Arena match to reveal the chaos and fun that ensues in the game.

Additional Information

Reviewed on: PC
Available on: PC (Windows), PS4, XBox One
Genre: Online Multiplayer FPS
Age Rating: Mature
Publisher/Developer: Gearbox Software, 2K Games
Estimated RRP: R699
Release Date: 3 May 2016

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