ARMA Tactics

As all missions go, this one was supposed to be pretty straight forward, but some missions will throw you a curve-ball from time to time just to keep you frosty. It is the duty of every soldier to keep a level head and always look for the tactical advantage. Stay out of sight, complete your mission and never leave a man behind.

Oh look a corpse
Oh look a corpse

You will control a squad of four highly trained operatives that will shoot, grenade or stab their way to victory. Stealth or aggression can be used to accomplish the tasks at hand. You will be given various weapons that can be equipped in the armory and can be upgraded for better performance in the field. Spend a few credits and you can run your squad through a bit of basic training. This will also up the general performance of your band of merry men, making them more proficient in the field.

Handy GPS, now where the heck are we?
Handy GPS, now where the heck are we?

The general gameplay is sad to say “lacking”. Your squad is cock-eyed half the time and randomly firing at passing enemies when unwanted the other half.  On the up note, you will be forced to use advanced tactics from time to time. It is quite simple once you get the hang of the general controls and you can set fog of war and a veteran level, but still is marred by sad AI. I was excited to play Tactics at first but found it had little to draw me back. I would be quite interested to see how Tactics fairs on mobile devices as this is what it was originally built for.

Why we not using this gun?
Why we not using this gun?

Overall I would advise playing other games to this. I am not partial to writing condemning reviews as I try to find the good as well, but just like being stuck in the middle of an African war zone, this is not good.

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