Arma II

Arma 2 (PC)

Welcome to the Marines! Here you will be trained in the art of War! Here you will learn how to protect yourself and your fellow man! Here you will become a modern day warrior… This is what I expected. In reality it was more like, Welcome to BZZZzzzd! Here you will be trained in the art of War (Game Crash)! Here you will learn how to protect yourself and your fellow man (Game crash)! Here you will become a modern day warrior (game stalls… and then crashes)


You are a military officer sent into Chernarus, on a peace keeping mission. As per most military situations, a thing never really go according to plan and soon becomes a mad rush to save yourself from annihilation in the war-torn country.

You can't hide from me
You can’t hide from me

This was by far one of the more difficult games I’ve had to review. There is a game in there somewhere. I have had ARMA II sitting in my review list (much to my CEO’s dismay) for a good portion of this year. Reason being was that I kept having issues trying to play it that led to frustration and ultimately saying let me rather review a different game first. The single player is about as easy as a three-legged race through an endless minefield. Riddled with bugs and glitches it also becomes quickly apparent that the controls are nightmarishly sluggish and unresponsive. The enemies are deadly as well, one bullet can be the end of you. This wouldn’t have been too bad if I wasn’t pleading the game to run, I love a good challenge and I really do.

Mmm... Good place to blow up
Mmm… Good place to blow up

The Graphics on the other hand were quite good, except for one or ten mishaps. You will go through various environments from fog to forests, each requires you to adapt and quickly providing a decent challenge. Vehicles are in abundance ranging in the hundreds, all vehicles encountered can be controlled. The choices are plentiful. There are plenty of weapons to choose from as well, that have been designed to accurately simulate modern weapons, there are about 80 weapons, all with variations which allow the user to refine his character to best suit them. Sound is very important to me as I believe it sets the mood, notifies you of impending dangers, etc. the environments’ sounds are pretty good but marred by horrible dialog.

What are you looking at?
What are you looking at?

The Multiplayer, this is ARMA II saving grace, allowing for friends to team up on LAN or internet. So far from what I have seen the game can host up to 64 players, but couldn’t test this because my ping was too high. This would be welcomed to see as the general environment is rather quiet, except for the occasional flyby and birds. There are also various expansions to the ARMA 2 like ARMA 2 Arrow Head and various other expansions that give you access to the armed forces of the world.

It's way too quiet
It’s way too quiet

The engine that runs Arma II is what military were using to train their troops worldwide. It has been made into a game that could have been great, if more time had been spent “exterminating” the bugs that plague this title.

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