All New Digital Supergirl Comic Title Coming Soon

In December 2015, DC Comics announced a brand new comic book companion to the hit TV show Supergirl, called Adventures of Supergirl. The comic book series will only be available in digital format and will be released every second Monday, starting on the 25th of January 2016. The releases will coincide with the airing of the weekly episodes of Supergirl.

The series will be written by the acclaimed writer Sterling Gates, who was previously at the helm of the Supergirl comics from 2008 through 2011. He’s no stranger to Kara and her adventures and his run on this series is widely seen to be some of the best work on a Supergirl comic in the industry. There will be no permanent artist working on this title, and instead they’ve opted to get in various artists, who will undoubtedly each bring their own flair and feel to the different issues. Artists that has been named to be involved with this series is Emanuela Lupacchino, Emma Vieceli and Bengal, who previously worked on Batgirl.

Even though the issues will initially only be available digitally, a one issue print edition are in the works for later in the year, so print-issue comic book fans can look forward to adding this series to their collections as well.

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