Acer Aspire M3-581TG Laptop

When looking at the Aspire M3 it looks sleek and professional, it’s thin has a wide screen and compact. The spec also looks great and is the first model that has discreet graphics.

I was a bit disappointed to see that the model I got to review was the I3 CPU with Intel HD graphics; I would’ve loved to work on the I5 or I7 with the Nvidia GT640M Graphics to see how far it could be pushed.


Look & Feel:

The M3 looks like a monster laptop but still in ultrathin form, it has a wide HD screen that produces a resolution of 1366 x 768 px but when plugged into a HD screen it will go right up to full HD resolution. The outer finish looks great and durable but on the inside it looks more plastic. It feels as if the laptop can bend easily especially on the screen side. I like that you get all the sockets but they are all situated at the back and it feels like a mission to always plug something in at the back. The M3 comes with a plastic clickpad from Elan, the buttons are situated underneath the pad and this can cause some issues with clicking. The keyboard works well and most people prefer laptops to come with numpads these days. There are a few mishaps with some of the button layout and there is no back-lighting on the keyboard.

One huge issue I had was with the power button, it sits on the front of the laptop. A few times while working with the laptop in the car, I accidentally turn the laptop off while working with it on my lap as the button was pushing against my body. Most of the time you probably will not work in such a way but it still poses a concern.



The Laptop performs great with the I3 version that I had and I can just imagine how much better the I5 and I7 will be, on the graphic side it plays HD quality movies quite well but anything more than that it will start to fail on you. With the SSD hybrid the wake-up and hibernation function is lightning fast on the M3 so with a full on SSD the performance will increase even more. The Dolby Home Theatre sound works great and I was really impressed with the quality of the on-board speakers.


The Aspire M3 Laptop is a great way forward for Acer but I will definitely recommend going for either the I5 or I7 with the Nvidia discreet graphics it will take you a lot further and might even be an option for some gaming. The Laptop was also great and easy to carry around. If you do travel a lot and do like to do a bit of gaming then this is definitely worth considering.

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